Needless to say, I was rather relieved to hear he wasn’t running. I felt for the republideserve to party to assistance him would mean we are officially scrapping the bottom of a bowl. In the news they shelp 70% of world polled sassist they would certainly not vote for him. I’m glad to hear that yet sad that 30% would’ve thought about it.So back to my question. Are you relieved or execute you think the list of prospective candidays aren’t going to gain any much better for 2012.Was Trump the best we might scrape up?

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He didn’t have a chance. Why waste money, his or the taxpayers, on running for somepoint that would never before happen.

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‘Was Trump the ideal we could scrape up?’Who is the we you speak of???He should have actually remained in the race, just to make a bigger idiot of himself.

FutureMemory Could you have actually imagined 4 years of having a weekly or day-to-day news announcement to hear him sheight about how good he is?
hawaii_jake Can’t blame you but I would certainly rather pay my money to check out the chimpanzees then have actually the monessential go on Tv eextremely 5 seconds to scratch his butt. At a specific suggest it stops being ammaking use of.

AmWiser I suppose we as a country. Goodness knows I would never take into consideration him the finest of anything other than for the best clvery own, however it seems like the picmonarchs aren’t coming alengthy as they when usage also. I wonder if the thought of trying to obtain us out of debt is even more than any future candidate wants to take on because they feel it would certainly sindicate be a one term and they will be in the warm seat prefer Obama is for our poor economic situation.

Nothing, I never considered Trump’s candidacy as anypoint more than a ploy to rise ratings for his show. I think the only people taking him seriously were the media sources that were pushing his ‘run for the presidency’.

I was certain he’d never before get chosen anymethod, so I’m not feeling relieved specifically. Maybe a little more able to hold my head up as an American, though. ;)

I am actually a small bit bummed. Tright here is no means he could have won and he would certainly have actually made things exciting at least for a while. I am currently waiting via baited breath to watch what else the GOP sidedisplay has to offer.

If you thought he was really going to run, you must be ashamed of yourself lol.I’m simply kidding, but even if he did run, it’s tough to even entertain the concept of him being chosen. The man is clown.

augustlan GA, Ah, thats what I’m feeling. A renewed feeling of pride. I couldn’t assist feel as a citizen that by having Donald Trump as a future candiday that I have to never make eye contact through civilization again.

WestRiverrat. I never before believed he was severe about running to begin through, so I’m not surprised that he’s not.

I always assumed the possibility was a joke. I suppose WTF would he carry out to attend to the budgain deficit? Declare bankruptcy, reframework and also turn the Oval Office right into a casino?

Blueroses I’m certain he thought about it and then found out it wouldn’t be enabled. So he sassist foracquire then. “Nobody tells the Donald what to perform.”Oh, I laughed when I heard on the new files head lines was, “The Donald DUCKS!” Wish I kbrand-new which paper it was. I assumed that was ammaking use of. :)

Yay, even more votes for Ron Paul. I recognize most human being were looking forward to the “show”.

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SuperMouse Oh, I know! I so wanted to see just how gaudy and ostentatious the redecoration of the White House would certainly be! It would certainly make the movie Idiocracy look prophetic

Leaves the field wide open for Sarah. Wonder that she’ll pick as a running mate…

“Oh, shit,” you think. Now you’ll desire him ago in the so-referred to as ‘race’.