Here is a sample of questions asked in the Reid Report, an honesty test for job applicants. Reid officials will not say what is the "right" answer for any question. Instead, mental specialists analyze the whole examicountry to make a recommendation to prospective employers: ---

-Do you believe you are too honest to steal?

-Since you have been 15 years old, have you thought around stealing anypoint from a save wbelow you were shopping?

-Do you think policemales are usually honest?

-If you found once you obtained residence that a salesgirl failed to include a $1 item that you bought, would certainly you return the next day and pay the $1 to the store?

-Did you ever before think about stealing money from places wright here you have worked?

-If you can gain into a movie without paying, and also be certain you would certainly not gain recorded, would certainly you do it?

-Do you always tell the truth?

-Do you enjoy stories of effective crimes and swindles?

-If you were a big keep owner and you discovered out that an employee had actually stolen merchandise from you, would you fire him if the complete amount was worth much less than $5 in one year?

-For 20 years, a male took $10 per week from his employer for needed assistance of his family members of 10 children. When he had actually elevated his last boy, another employee told the boss what the male had been doing. Should the boss fire that man?

-Do you think an employee have to tell his boss about seeing one more employee stealing from his company?

-In the past five years, exactly how much money, if any type of, have actually you gambled on equine races?

-Have you ever before borrowed money from a firm wright here you operated without your employer"s knowledge?

-Do you feel it is acceptable for an employee to use marijuana or other drugs in the time of work-related hours or breaks if it does not interfere through his or her effectiveness?

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Odd News // 2 days ago
Colorado town pleads for return of stolen phone booth
Sept. 17 ( -- Residents of a small Colorado town are pleading for the rerevolve of a phone booth that offered as the centerpiece of a public park for decades.

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Odd News // 2 days ago
Maryland also man"s $50,000 lottery ticket nearly ended up in the trash
Sept. 17 ( -- A Maryland guy that won a $50,000 lottery prize said the winning ticket almost ended up being thrvery own in the trash prior to he realized it was a winner.

Odd News // 2 days ago
Purdue researchers develop the world"s whitest paint
Sept. 17 ( -- Researchers at Purdue College earned a Guinness World Record through an unexplained development: the world"s whitest paint.

Odd News // 2 days ago
High schoolers help police round up escaped goat herd in Colorado
Sept. 17 ( -- Police in Coloracarry out sassist some advantageous high schoolers concerned the assistance of an animal defense officer when a herd of goats obtained loose from a city park.

Odd News // 2 days ago
Gardener harvests 839 cherry tomatoes from a single stem
Sept. 17 ( -- A British gardener harvested 839 tomatoes from a single stem -- virtually double the Guinness World Record of 448.
Odd News // 2 days ago
Florida deputies chase dvery own runameans boat off famous beach
Sept. 17 ( -- Sheriff"s deputies in Florida shelp it took some "participation by land also, air and also sea" to speak a runamethod boat off the shore of a famous beach.
Odd News // 2 days ago
British scientist breaks two Guinness documents for gymnastics
Sept. 17 ( -- A British scientist with a passion for gymnastics put her skills to the test by breaking 2 Guinness World Records: most ago somersault burpees in 30 secs and also fastest 100 meter forward rolls.
Odd News // 2 days ago
Dog, three humans rescued from Coloraexecute lake
Sept. 17 ( -- Firefighters in Coloracarry out rescued a dog trapped in the tall reeds of a lake the morning after rescuing three human being that unproperly attempted to reach the canine.
Odd News // 3 days ago
Stop for gas earns Maryland woman a $50,000 lottery prize
Sept. 16 ( -- A Maryland also woman shelp the arrival of her paycheck and a near-empty gas tank brought about her winning a $50,000 lottery prize.

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Odd News // 3 days ago
Moose relocated after wandering right into website traffic, hitting car
Sept. 16 ( -- A moose was safely resituated after wandering into a Massachusetts city, running into web traffic and also hitting a auto.

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