Does a token creature when it dies accomplish the criteria of Fresh Meat? Text of card as follows:

Create a 3/3 green Beastern creature token for each creature put into your graveyard from the battlefield this turn.

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Yes. Per Comprehensive Rules:

110.5e A token is topic to anypoint that affects permanents in basic or that affects the token’s card form or subform. (...)

So the token is put in the graveyard favor various other creatures. Tright here is one difference, but this doesn"t matter for Fresh Meat:

110.5f A token that’s in a zone various other than the battlefield ceases to exist. (...) (Note that if a token changes areas, applicable prompted abilities will create prior to the token ceases to exist.)

It will not be in the graveyard at the moment Fresh Meat resolves, but it will certainly still count as a creature put into your graveyard.

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Basically, it does go to the graveyard, however instantaneously disappears. It additionally cannot go back to the battlefield as sassist in the comments.

Note: it is instantaneously rerelocated from play, not sent right into exile.

Fresh Meat, yet, does work-related in this case: whether or not the token creature is in the graveyard ideal now, it was technically sent out right into the graveyard. Because Fresh Meat does not require you to rerevolve it, tbelow is nothing wrong with placing a 3/3 token onto the battlearea for it.

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