Do i need to keep dmg files after installation

I"m new to the people of Macs, and also I was simply wondering after I download something from the Web, do I need to keep the .dmg file that is on my desktop? Specifically, I downloaded Senuti, so perform I should keep that .dmg file on my desktop in order for the application to work? Thank you for any type of advice you have the right to offer. -Tim
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No, you do not have to save the .dmg file. I presume you"ve already double-clicked the file and also followed via whatever before installation procedure was presented to you(?). If so, the application will be installed - probably in your Applications folder - so you deserve to safely delete the .dmg file. .dmg papers are disk images. A great explacountry of them deserve to be uncovered at 20" iMac Intel Core Duo 2GHz 1GB RAM Mac OS X (10.4.8) 30GB iPod through Video
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I"m kinda obsessive/compulsive about some points, so I normally save the .dmg files on my desktop computer until I"ve supplied the applications a few times, just to make sure I don"t need to reinstall, re-downfill, etc. But in all the years I"ve done this, I"ve gotta say I"ve never once had a usage for the .dmg documents aacquire, so it"s more than likely best just to trash "em appropriate after you"ve set up the application on your machine.

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I"m actually having the very same problem. But, whenever I try to delete the .dmg file, the Trash claims that the application is currently in usage. Whenever before I manage to delete that also, the application will not work.
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You should EJECT the installed disk first that mounts as soon as you double-click the .dmg file. Drag the installed disk to the trash to eject it. You need to then be able to trash the .dmg file. You say the application doesn"t job-related as soon as you manage to trash the .dmg file. Have you actually gone with the application"s installation procedure before trashing the .dmg file as mentioned in my previous post above? 20" iMac Intel Core Duo 2GHz 1GB RAM Mac OS X (10.4.8) 30GB iPod via Video
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You don"t need the .dmg files after you"ve mounted. I"ve obtained in to the halittle bit of keeping the dmg records safe and also earlier them up sometimes simply in case I ever before must reinstall stuff.

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I have actually gone with the installation already. At leastern, I think I did. The program in question is Firefox.

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Well, after installation I tfinish to save the .dmg file in the same folder wright here the application was installed. Then if the application is ever corrupted I deserve to simply delete it, and do a reinstallation from the .dmg without having to go earlier and also downfill it aget. And yes, I have had an application obtain corrupted to where it wouldn"t run and also supplied the .dmg aacquire.