FRONTLINE investigateways the partisanship that gridlocked Washington in the Obama era, and also the polarized America that Donald Trump inherits as president.

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"Obamacare" broadened wellness insurance for millions — but as an excerpt from "Divided States of America" reflects, it also sustained years of political polarization and an anti-facility sentiment that aided pave President Trump’s road to victory.
America"s political divide had actually currently got to document levels throughout the Obama presidency, yet according to the Pew Research Center, the partisan break-up in between Democrats and also Republicans is currently the widest its remained in more than 2 decades.
Our four-hour series researching the Obama presidency and the country’s deepening polarization proceeds tonight.
On election night in 2012, Donald Trump – and many kind of in the Republideserve to party – were shocked once Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney. What happened next was a very early instance of how Trump would certainly resolve rivals on the road to the White House: He required to Twitter.
In Divided States of America, FRONTLINE collection out to research exactly how the Obama presidency gave method to one of the a lot of polarized eras in Amerideserve to history. We performed dozens of interviews over hundreds of hours. Here are 21 of them.
The GOP’s return to power is one that took many type of turns and also involved multiple setbacks. But the opening chapter can be traced to the night of Obama’s inauguration.
Over the course of his presidency, Barack Obama was time and also again compelled to confront occasions that re-exposed old wounds, and also tested the true degree of racial progress in America.
While Donald Trump"s victory returns the Republican Party to the White House, it also leaves the GOP via a standard-bearer whose very own positions are often at odds with many type of in the party.
Tonight, we present a revealing exploration of our country"s polarization, studying the Obama years and also the rise of Donald Trump in our special, two-component series, "Divided States of America."

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As the U.S. Federal Reserve continues to pump billions of dollars into the financial device daily, that is benefiting and at what cost?

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