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I have a Dell Optiplex 9020 I will certainly often use with headphones (so 3.5mm front panel jack), yet it seems to share the volume and also audio "device" through some inner speaker within package.

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If the headphones/external speaker is removed it switches earlier to its internal speaker via the exact same volume level (so devastating if the machine is then left locked and some internet browser ad, application, etc. decides to make noise).

This is comparable to on my phone, and so on only there Android remembers the quantities seperately (so device volume muted, headphones at whatever) which functions just and also disabling.



First, try to upday your audio vehicle drivers. This deserve to take place via some Realtek audio services as soon as the Realtek motorists aren"t set up.

If that does not occupational you can completely disable the internal speaker in the BIOS. On Win 10 equipments you have the right to obtain right into the BIOS founding in Windows.

Open Start MenuNavigate to "Settings"Select "Update and also Security"Go to "Recovery"Scroll down and choose "Restart Now" under the State-of-the-art Startup header.Click TroubleshootClick Modern Options.Click UEFI Firmware SettingsClick Restart

BIOS menus vary widely from computer system to computer system so I can not provide a walkwith of wbelow to find the establishing to disable the interior speaker, you"ll have to poke about a bit to find that.


I do not think that you are going to discover a setting in the bios for this.. I guess you could. My Dell does not have actually this establishing.

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The most basic method to solve this is to simply remove/disattach the speaker. I bet you can wing the totality procedure however if you want specifics, select your correct develop element manual from below and also look for the section titled "Rerelocating the Speaker."

I believe it is a straightforward 4 plug dealy-bob and also will take you just a few minutes to carry out blindfolded.

Good luck!


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