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With current alters in Windows 10, open up tabs in the Microsoft Edge internet browser show up in the Alt+Tab home window switching dialog as individual windows. If you are unhappy with this change, it is basic to revert it earlier to the classic behavior, when the Edge app appears as a solitary symbol in Alt + Tab.

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Microsoft defines the adjust as follows.

Are you a multitasker? your tabs open up in Microsoft Edge will start showing up in Alt + TAB, not just the active one in each browser window. We’re making this adjust so you can easily gain back to whatever you were doing—wherever you were doing it.

Here is just how it works in action:

If you would certainly favor to check out fewer Edge tabs in the Alt+Tab dialog, or entirely rerelocate them from tright here and have the classic single Edge thumbnail ptestimonial of web browser home window, it is feasible to connumber this function in Settings. Luckily, Microsoft provides the correct alternative.

To Disable Edge Tabs in the Alt+Tab Dialog in Windows 10,

Go to Settings > System > Multitasking.
On the appropriate, go to the Alt+Tab section.Under Pressing Alt + Tab shows pick Open Windows only from the drop-dvery own list of choices.
Additionally, you can select one of the adhering to choices according to your choices.Open home windows and all tabs in EdgeOpen Windows and also 5 the majority of recent tabs in Edge (default)Open Windows and 3 the majority of current tabs in EdgeOpen Windows only

You are done!

Starting in Microsoft Edge Canary 89.0.736.0, there is an different solution available. Microsoft has added a second flag, Browser tab experiences in Windows, disables Edge tabs in the Alt+Tab dialog.

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Disable Edge Tabs in Alt+Tab through a flag

Open Microsoft Edge.Type edge://flags/#edge-window-tab-manager in the resolve bar and also hit the Go into essential.Select Disabled on the right of the Browser tab experiences in Windows option.
Restart the Edge browser.

You are done.

Microsoft Edge is currently a Chromium-based browser via a variety of exclusive attributes favor Read Aloud and services tied to Microsoft instead of Google. The browser has actually currently obtained a couple of updates, through assistance for ARM64 tools in Edge Stable 80. Also, Microsoft Edge is still sustaining a number of aging Windows versions, including Windows 7, which has actually recently got to its finish of assistance. Check out Windows Versions Supported by Microsoft Edge Chromium and Edge Chromium latest roadmap. Finally, interested individuals have the right to download MSI installers for deployment and also customization.


For pre-release versions, Microsoft is presently utilizing 3 channels to provide updays to Edge Insiders. The Canary channel receives updates everyday (except Saturday and Sunday), the Dev channel is acquiring updates weekly, and the Beta channel is updated every 6 weeks. Microsoft is going to assistance Edge Chromium on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, alongside macOS, Linux (coming in the future) and mobile apps on iOS and also Android. Windows 7 individuals will receive updates till July 15, 2021.

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By Sergey Tkachenko on August 18, 2020, last updated on December 17, 2020 in Microsoft Edge, Windows 10.