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While “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Polka Party! didn’t market all that well, Al came back onto the scene via 1988’s Even Worse, via its lead single aobtain parodying Michael Jackson with a food-connected layout. This was the first time the album title and cover art paropassed away that of among the artists he was musically parodying.
It’s likewise the only album of his various other than the initially that doesn’t include a polka medley, which is a sad loss. There’s talk of one having actually been planned, yet it either hit a legal snag or Al chose he didn’t want to include even more than one accordion-heavy song (a ascendancy he’s thankfully relaxed on more recent releases).

Fat – The lead single and also one of Al’s best hits, greatly bereason of the video. The story goes that Al believed of the parody principle and also originally didn’t desire to carry out another Jackboy spoof, however uncovered the concept too appealing to pass up. In both the video and also live performances, Al wears a fat suit and an exaggerated version of the outfit Jackchild wears in the original “Bad” video. I have actually a friend who’s likened fat suits to blackconfront, and also tright here really does seem to be something intend around them. Not that I feel Al really had any kind of malicious intent, but it comes throughout as rather insensitive to me, particularly considering how skinny Al is. Oh, well. That said, there are some pretty entertaining things around the video that aren’t directly related to the fat suit, choose Al’s confusion over the sound impacts and also the “ho!” bit. The “Bad” video has Jackkid and also the dancers constantly yelling out what sounds favor “Ho!” over the musical breaks, so Al provides a joke out of this by showing someone holding a garden hoe. When percreating the song live, Santa Claus commonly makes an appearance, although sometimes he offered a prostitute rather. One of the bullies at the start of the video mentions Burger World, which is both where Beavis and also Butt-Head functioned and also where Al’s character would certainly work-related at the start of UHF.

Stuck in a Clocollection through Vanna White – Al’s take on weird dreams consists of both common facets (public nudity, being trapped, seemingly random celebrity appearances, tardiness for tests in school) through also odder ones (bowling on the Starship Enterprise). I carry out think it’s a little on the longish side, specifically considering how a lot of it doesn’t add anypoint to the humor.

(This Song’s Just) Six Words Long – So, IS this song simply six words long? Obviously not, as it has other lyrics, yet that’s comic exaggeration. But even if we just take the chorus, it really sounds to me choose salso. I guess that’s why the title offers the contraction “song’s,” to make it technically 6. The original song is referred to as “Got My Mind Set on You” (six words), however the chorus is sung as “I obtained my mind collection on you” (seven). Oh, well. I found it hilarious the initially time I heard it, however unfortunately it loses some of its bite on even the second listen, let alone whatever before listen this is for me. That shelp, it’s still funny, and one of the few times Al actually comments on the original song in the parody, in this case on its repetitiveness.

You Make Me – A style parody of Oingo Boingo that’s been described (by Dr. Demento, I believe) as probably the closest Al has done to a straight love song. Kind of an odd thing to say about a song that has lyrics like “Sometimes you make me want to construct a model of the Eiffel Tower out of Belgian waffles,” however it functions once you think about it as being around the sometimes odd and confmaking use of feelings connected through being in love. One of the UHF stations in my location (and possibly various other areas as well; I don’t know) supplied this song in a commercial for reruns of Night Court and Cheers, which was actually my initially exposure to it.

I Think I’m a Clone Now – Back in the late eighties, Tiffany’s cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now” was omniexisting. I even remember dissecting its structure in music course. Now I pretty much just hear the Tommy James original. Anymeans, Al’s variation is full of puns: “I’m really alongside myself,” “a womb with a watch,” “every pair of genes is a hand-me-dvery own.” I guess it’s excellent I love puns, huh? The lyrics don’t strictly make many sense, as the initially verse indicates that nobody knows the singer is a clone, while the last one claims he’s famous for it. Not a huge deal, however it does seem prefer a little of an oversight considering how cautious and also methodical Al is sassist to be with his songs. It likewise uses the widespread misconception that a clone would be an accurate duplicate of the cloned person, as in the same age and also whatever, yet this is a instance wright here I think clinical accuracy would have destroyed the joke. I wonder if this song was an affect on Nellie McKay’s “Clonie,” which is likewise around someone being finest friends with their own clone.

Lasagna – Another food parody, and also a song that I think is ideal appreciated by children. After all, “La Bamba” is a song that every English-speaking kid knows, yet has actually no idea what the lyrics are. It’s officially a parody of the Los Lobos cover, yet Al never before bothered getting permission from them considering that the song itself is traditional. Actually, via the obvious exemption of “Bad,” ALL of the songs paropassed away on this album are cover versions. I choose just how this one was arranged to sound favor music you can hear at an Italian restaurant, which of course contains accordion. While it was released as a single, tright here was no music video, although Al would certainly later make one for simply the last verse and chorus that showed up on one of the channel-transforming segments of The Weird Al Show.

Melanie – I’ve watched human being attempt to list stalker songs, resulting in some discussion regarding whether, say, the Police’s “Eincredibly Breath You Take” (part of an Al polka medley, for what it’s worth) is around stalking. This song, however, undoubtedly is, through a genuinely creepy narrator on what at first sounds choose it’s going to be a straight love song. Al has actually sassist he’s created other verses for it that he’s only played for his friends. Because I think the lyrics could have gone also farther than they did, I’m curious about what they are, yet I doubt I’ll ever before discover out. I’ve watched Al perdevelop this one live in both 1996 and also 2011.

Alimony – Not only is this one more parody of a cover, but it’s of one more song initially made famed by Tommy James. It’s not among Al’s more memorable parodies, yet it can be the most fun song tbelow is around the topic matter. It marks the 3rd appearance in an Al song of the phrase “the check’s in the mail.”

Velvet Elvis – Al had already done a direct parody of a Police song through “King of Suede,” yet this is a style parody of the exact same band also, perhaps sounding closest to “Every Little She Does Is Magic.” It’s yet an additional epic song about somepoint fairly mundane, in this case the velvet Elvis of the title. As with “Stuck in a Clocollection,” I think it could be a tiny overly lengthy, although I mean that helps include to the epic nature. I never before thought this one was laugh-out-loud funny, yet it’s clever in its own way.

Twister – The first rap to appear on among Al’s albums, it’s a style parody of the Beastie Boys, via the lyrics being just slightly altered from those of an actual Twister commercial from the 1960s.As much as I understand, Al’s variation was never offered in a commercial, although it seems ready-produced one.Good Old Days – Anvarious other song with a really creepy narrator, Al has defined this as what he thinks a collaboration between James Taylor and Charles Manboy would certainly be choose, but what it really reminds me of lyrically is the Warren Zevon song “Excitable Boy.”That song has actually the title character raping and killing his prom date, while “Good Old Days” has Al’s character tying his homecoming date to a chair and abandoning her in the desert. It’s also rather similar to Tom Lehrer’s “My Home Tvery own,” a spoof of nostalgic songs in which everyone in tvery own turns out to be perverted and/or homicidal.I discover it to be a tiny unusual among Al’s occupational in that there’s probably more set-up than there are actual jokes in the lyrics, however I guess that just makes the brutal lines more efficient as soon as you carry out obtain to them. I expect, plenty of Al’s songs include characters perpetrating senseless violence, however this one comes across as particularly brutal also though tbelow isn’t a whole lot tbelow.

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Next week (or thereabouts), our subject will certainly be UHF, a soundtrack album that’s mainly stuff that wasn’t in the movie. Actually, I guess that’s not as well unusual; Al himself has had actually songs featured on soundtrack albums once they weren’t played in the movies. Anymeans, I’ll probably have actually more to say about that as soon as the moment comes. We’re going to make a couch potato out of you.