Different rings when calling someone

As you end up being even more familiar via your IP Telephone, you will recognize the miscellaneous tones you hear in response to an incoming speak to or while using the handset.

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The chart listed below provides a review of the tones you hear; check via your System Administrator to verify if the descriptions are exact for your mechanism.

Ringing Tones acagency an incoming call. Feedago Tones are those which you hear through the handset (receiver) or the speaker.

Ringing (Incoming) Tones

1 Ring -------- Call from an additional expansion.
2 Rings ------- ------- Call from outside or the System Administrator.
3 Rings ------ ------ ------ Priority speak to from an additional extension, or from an Automatic Callback speak to you put.
Half Ring (ring-ping) --- A call is being redirected from your phone to one more because Send All Calls or Call Forwarding All Calls is energetic.
Feedback (Handset) Tones Meaning
Busy --- --- --- Low-pitched, fast tone (repetitive 60 times per minute), signifying the number dialed is in usage.

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Call Waiting Ringback ---_ A ringearlier tone via lower-pitched signal at the end; shows the extension referred to as is busy and the called party has been offered a speak to waiting tone. If you hear this tone, you may desire to activate Automatic Callback.
Confirmation -- -- -- Three brief tone bursts; shows a function activation or cancellation has been embraced.
Coverage - One short tone burst; shows your speak to will be sent to an additional extension to be answered by a extending user.
Dial --------- Continuous tone indicating dialing can start.
Intercept/Time-out -_-_-_- Alternate high and low tone indicating either a dialing error, denial of a asked for organization or failure to dial within a preset interval (generally 10 seconds) after lifting the handset or dialing the previous digit
Recontact Dial - - - ----------- Three shorts tone bursts followed by a secure dial tone to indicate a attribute request has been welcomed and dialing deserve to begin.
Reorder -- -- -- -- -- -- Quick busy tone repetitive every half-second to suggest all phone trunk lines are busy.

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Ringearlier ---- ---- ---- ---- Low-pitched tone repeated 15 times a minute to show the number dialed is ringing.