Difference Between Tip Cut and also Layer Cut

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Amongst the less increated (in regards to the hairdressing), tright here is constantly a misconception that action hair cutting and also layer hair cutting are the very same. Some will argue that those are simply 2 various names referring to the exact same hair cutting style. The fact is, the two are plainly dissimilar.

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The main differences between the 2 are derived from the techniques used to do each and also their origins. However before, digging deeper could help distinguish them in a much better way.


What is Step Hair Cutting?

The terms “step cutting” are offered to refer to a graduated hairreduced whereby the hair takes the develop of cascading actions. In this style, a sharp demarcation is attracted between the steps, and also it leads to having actually a “variety of steps”. This haircut is largely fitting for moderately wavy and also thick hair.


What is Layer Cutting?

Layer cutting is a hair cutting style that leaves the illusion of size and volume as soon as offered on lengthy hair. Here, the hair is arranged into layers whereby the peak layers are cut shorter than the ones beneath. The cutting style allows the height layers’ tips to blfinish seamlessly with the layers beneath. It is an easy style to manage.

Techniques of Achieving Layer Cut Haircut

The layered effect is realized by taking sections of the hair vertically throughout the head and also pulling it perpendicularly to the head. It is then cut directly throughout. The methods include:

Sliding haircut: – in this method, the hair gets sectioned into 4 parts. The sectioning starts with the earlier area and also then its reduced radially at a 20-degree angle. Using the shift over the ear as a pointer for the front sections, the resultant attribute is a soft layered end. This strategy is suitable for tool wavy textures of hair.Blended elevation: – via this approach, the optimal section is reduced at 90 degrees. The side sections then are reduced at 180 degrees to the length of the height section.

Differences Between Tip Cut and also Layer Cut Hairreduced Styles

The significant differences are as described below:


The step haircut begins below the ear as the first step of cutting. The next action is done a little below developing gaps between the layers. Layer cut, on the other hand, tbelow is no gap created between the layers. The layers are blfinished in a method that the proper layers are not shown.

Appearance of Tip vs. Layer Cut 

The action haircut gives a bounce to the hair and offers it a fashionista look while the layered haircut does not give your hair a bounce. However before, the layer cut adds volume to your hair.


The step hairreduced is suitable for moderately wavy and also thick hair while the layered haircut style functions ideal if supplied on long hair.

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Tip Cut Vs. Layer Cut: Comparichild Table


Overview of Tip Cut verses Layer Cut Haircut

It is never easy to tell the distinctions between hairlayouts and also haircuts not unless you are a expert at it. Apparently, the step cut and layer reduced hairreduced formats are nearly equivalent. This explains why many human being confusage the two and also interchange the terms.