We usage these words as quantifiers that come at the begin of noun phrases and they tell us something around amount.

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A lot of vs. Lots of

A lot of and also lots of are offered to express that there is a big quantity of something.

We usage a lot of in positive sentences, negative sentences and questions. This expression deserve to be supplied through countable or uncountable nouns.

There are a lot of dogs in the street. (Countable noun)I have a lot of time to answer your concerns. (Uncountable noun)I experienced a lot of world waiting in the queue. (Countable)We did have actually a lot of fun, didn"t we? (Uncountable)

We use lots of in positive and also negative sentences, but it is more informal. It deserve to be used through countable or uncountable nouns, and sometimes in concerns.

We have lots of time to catch the plane, let"s relax. (Uncountable noun)There are lots of civilization in the queue this particular day. (Countable)Oh my, you have actually spent lots of money on clothes! (Uncountable) I have lots of inquiries. (Countable)

She has a lot of money = She has actually lots of money

Much vs. Many

Much and Many are supplied to express that tbelow is a big quantity of something.

Much and also Many are supplied in negative sentences and also inquiries. Many is supplied via countable nouns Much is offered through uncountable nouns.

I don"t have many CDs in my collection. (Countable noun)They don"t have much money to buy a current. (Uncountable noun)How many brothers perform you have? (Countable noun)Is tright here much milk in the fridge? (Uncountable noun)

Note: we practically never usage Much and also Many in positive sentences, we practically always usea lot of or lots of.

I have actually much money. (Incorrect because the sentence is positive / affirmative)I have a lot of money. (Correct)

With the word "times" we usage many times even more than a lot of times / numerous times. It occasionally indicates generally or often.

That is my favourite book. I"ve review it many kind of times. Don"t problem, I"ve done this many times. We have stayed at this hotel many kind of times over the years.

Couple of vs. Little

We usage a few and a little to imply a little amount or not much of something.

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A few is offered with countable nouns (= some; not many)A little is provided via uncountable nouns (= some; not much)

Tright here are only a few days left till Christmas. (Countable noun)I have a few crazy friends. (Countable noun)I would favor a little milk for my coffee. (Uncountable noun)Tright here is little hope of finding your wallet. (Uncountable noun)

While Few and also Little usually have actually negative definitions, specifically once offered with very.

He is sad because he has few friends. (Countable noun)Tright here are few honest politicians. (Countable noun)There is little hope of finding your wallet. (Uncountable noun)They have actually very little knowledge around national politics. (Uncountable noun)

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