Diagnostic system host windows 10

In this article, learn just how to fix Service Host: Diagnostic Policy Service high CPU usage problem for your Windows 10/8.1/8.

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Diagnostic Policy Service is tbelow in Windows OS to detect, troubleshoot and fix issues through Windows Components. When this business is disabled, diagnostics will no longer be functioning. Due to the fact that this is a background service and also is needful for Windows, it is immediately began once you begin your device and keeps running.

But occasionally you may notice high CPU usage through Diagnostic Policy Service. This is not preferable for a background organization. High CPU intake from a single process makes the mechanism sreduced to respond other processes and also you challenge lagging difficulty. Checkout the listed below shown screenshot which shows high CPU consumption from Diagnostic Policy Service.


If you’re likewise victim of this problem, this post is for you. Try below pointed out suggestions and also see if they helps you to settle it:

FIX: Service Host: Diagnostic Policy Service High CPU Usage In Windows 10

FIX 1 – General Suggestions

1. First of all, attempt finishing the job procedure and let it restart itself. See if high CPU intake occurs from the procedure now. If this proceeds, reboot the machine.

2. Run the System Data Checker scan or run DISM regulates to repair inbox corruption.

3. Try developing brand-new user account and also check if the trouble persists on that.

4. Make certain you install latest Windows Updates.

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5. Run System Performance troubleshooter.

6. Upday your machine’s BIOS firmware to latest variation.

7. Make sure you’ve latest drivers set up on the mechanism.

FIX 2 – Via File Explorer

1. Press

+ R and form complying with in Run dialog box, press Enter key:



2. In the sru folder so open, situate the SRUDB.dat file and delete it.


Close Data Explorer and also rebegin your device.

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FYI: If you’re unable to delete SRUDB.dat file because of file being supplied by Diagnostic Policy Service, you need to first set the Diagnostic Policy Service policy startup type as Disabled. Then you deserve to quickly delete the file. You can also delete the file from recoincredibly mode Command also Prompt.

Checkout this video to show this fix: