Development of Version 2.0 of a particular accountingsoftware program product is being thought about by Jose Noguera’s innovation firm in BatonRouge. The tasks necessary for the completion of this project are listedin the following table:


a) What is the project completion date?

b) What is the total price forced for completing thisjob on normal time?

c) If you wish to alleviate the time compelled to finish thisproject by 1 week, which task must be crashed, and exactly how a lot will thisboost the total cost?

d) What is the maximum time that have the right to be crashed? How muchwould certainly costs increase? PX

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Jul 18 2021 04:56 AM

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Balram P answered on July 20, 2021
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(a) Netjob-related Diagram :

The diagram of this network-related is current in attachment please inspect it listed below.... 


Possible network routes and also their duration are -

ADG --> 4+8+4 = 16 weeksBEG --> 2+6+4 = 12 weeksCF --> 3+3 = 6 weeks

Hence, crucial route is A-D-Gtask completion duration is the duration of important path i.e. 16 weeks


(b) Total price = sum of normal cost of all activities

= 2000+2200+500+2300+900+3000+1400

= $12300


(c) Let us initially uncover the crash cost / week

crash cost per week = (Crash expense - normal cost)/(normal duration - crash duration)

ActivityPredecessorNormal TimeTypical CostCrash TimeCrash CostCrash Cost/day

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