Deus Ex Mantype Divided: Wbelow to find all the Side Quests / Side Missions

Deus Ex Mansort Divided takes a little of a various approach to side quests than a lot of of its RPG peers. While it has a variety of side-quests, it does not flood you through a lot of nearly-similar fetch searches. Instead its side objectives are even more scarce, yet consequently each is more carefully built and also distinct from the primary story.

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In some instances, the smaller stories told in the side objectives are actually more satisfying than the major story of the game. There"s some great stuff below. They"re not constantly made noticeable to you, but - and also that"s wright here we come in.

We"re not going to tell you the details of each side mission and also how to beat them. We"ll let you number that out yourself, and save this overview cost-free of mission spoilers. Some side searches are miss-able, though - so here"s wbelow to uncover them in the game and also once to obtain each quest started without being spoiled on the quest content.

To be clear, there"s pursuit name spoilers below and vague details, but nopoint particular.

Where to discover Side Mission 00 / SM00 - Neon Nights

This side mission is obtainable as shortly as you gain manage of Adam for the initially time in Prague. When you leave his apartment for the initially time, save an eye on your map - some floors dvery own in the very same apartment building you"ll discover an apartment that"s red on the map. This suggests it"s a limited area. This apartment is cshed to the one with the open door that leads to a weapon dealer.

You have the right to either hack the door or usage an air vent discovered in the stairwell to acquire inside this apartment. You deserve to either stealthily prevent the guy inside or take him dvery own. Once you have, check the computer system in the kitchen that"s covert beneath a beer box. Checking this computer kicks off this side search.

Wbelow to find Side Mission 01 / SM01 - The Golden Ticket

The story could press you into this side pursuit, however depending upon your strategy to matters you likewise can miss out on it completely. When Adam demands to get to a frifinish to have some repairs, the evident path will certainly be on the street level. Not much from his apartment as soon as you acquire control of Adam in Prague is a cop.

You deserve to sheight to this cop to try to get right into the area and he, corrupt as he is, will deny you accessibility. The correct course of action is to be polite and also co-operative: this will cause a search to visit and also pay for a forged ID that will provide you accessibility to the area. You could simply sneak previous him, of course, yet this side search leads to some interesting locations. Consider following it!

Wbelow to find Side Mission 02 / SM02 - Cult of Personality

This side mission have the right to be discovered in Prague the initially time you"re unleashed upon the city. It calls for you to head down right into the sewers. It sees you investigate a religious cult - it was one of my favourites, yet can incredibly quickly be missed.

In order to discover the pursuit you"ll should head into the sewers that are directly beneath Adam"s apartment structure. Find a manhole cover initially - the closest one is in an alleyway simply to the southern of your apartment building. Head down the ladder and revolve right, following the tunnel on your left. You"ll ultimately encounter a male in front of a locked door; this is Viznik. Chat to him to gain the quest added to your mission list and also obtain began.

Wbelow to find Side Mission 03 / SM03 - The Mystery Augs

This side mission is nice and basic - you"ll be provided it as part of the story! You"ll have to visit Adam"s buddy Koller early in the game and also he"ll make a shocking exploration about Adam"s augmentations. In the conversation that ensues after he gives you a little in-universe tutorial about your augments, you"ll learn new information about Adam"s augmented body.

This new indevelopment prompts Adam to desire to learn more. Head earlier to his apartment and usage the remote on the table to start a video clip speak to via an old friend. This mission is a slow burn - from below, it"ll remajor an open up quest, but there"ll be nothing you can carry out. When you later on go back to Prague, a new phase will unlock, yet just if you"ve placed this call in your initially Prague visit.

Wbelow to uncover Side Mission 04 / SM04 - The Calibrator

This side mission is additionally gifted to you as part of the story, and at the exact same time as Side Mission 03, no less. This mission will certainly come in two parts - a bigger initial component consisting of a conversation-based persuasion boss fight complied with by a smaller component that sees you acquire your reward.

Completing this mission will obtain you the extremely essential item of the Neuroplasticity Calibrator. Doing this mission in a details way will bring about SM09, so be conscious of that, and examine that mission"s entry if you desire to recognize even more.

After completing the smaller sized part in your initially adendeavors in Prague, you can expect your reward the second time you visit as component of SM08. This pursuit is particularly valuable as it"ll unlock the ability to speak Adam"s augments from overheating him.

Wbelow to find Side Mission 05 / SM05 - Samizdat

You can have actually heard of Samizdat throughout the story - it"s a rogue newspaper that"s fighting to offer genuine news wbelow the Illuminati-managed newsdocuments carry out not. You have the right to grab this side mission once you first arrive at Adam"s workarea, TF29, in Prague. The story will take you there.

In one of the upper level corners of the TF29 headquarters you"ll uncover a male named Peter Chang. Chat to him and also he"ll gain this quest began for you.

Wright here to discover Side Mission 06 / SM06 - 01011000

Side Mission 06 is by far the simplest to miss out on. The mission first showed up for me after returning to Prague after visiting Golem city. Immediately north of Adam"s apartment is a long building that wraps roughly the edge and then alongside that separated by a tiny alleymeans a tiny, boxy building. In game this is a boarded-up tourist indevelopment keep.

Directly in front of this store is a digital advertisement board. When you approach it, it"ll glitch out and provide you a allude of interest. If you visit that location, the side mission will certainly start.

Where to discover Side Mission 07 / SM07 - Fade to Black

This mission will be dropped into your lap as you work-related on the story, specifically after you go into the netoccupational that"s uncovered inside Miller"s office as part of the story. When you leave, you"ll run into TF29"s Doctor.

If in the conversation you tell her you can help her out, you"ll be offered this pursuit and the objective markers you need will appear. Simple.

Where to uncover Side Mission 08 / SM08 - The Fix

This side mission will show up normally in your second visit to Prague so long as you completed SM04. Unprefer SM09, this does not call for you to have done specific points in SM04 - you just need to have actually completed it.

Koller will certainly contact you up and also ask you to visit. Do so - this is a straightforward sufficient search, and also offers you even more ability choices, so doing this one is a no-brainer.

Wright here to find Side Mission 09 / SM09 - All in the Family

Back in SM04 you will certainly have actually met the gangster Otar. If you had actually the conversation boss fight with him successfully and persuaded him to hand also over the Neuroplasticity Calibrator without you having to rekind to violence and making him angry, he"ll have asked you to do him a favour in Golem City.

In Golem City you have the right to either kill the taracquire he"s provided you or simply tell him to disappear - either means, Otar will think the note dead. When you go back to Prague he"ll then call you as much as provide you an additional project, this search. This is one more excellent, challenging quest, especially for non-lethal stealth players.

Wbelow to uncover Side Mission 10 / SM10 - The Harvester

This mission have the right to likewise just be motivated when you rerotate back from Golem City for your second stint of time in Prague. At any suggest throughout your second Prague continue to be you must be able to uncover this mission: there"s been a murder right outside Adam"s apartment.

Stop to the womale inside the cordened off crime scene and then the detective leading the situation. He"ll enlist your assist, and from tright here you have to carry out a bit of detective occupational and interwatch some suspects to acquire even more indevelopment.

This pursuit leads straight to SM11, however just if you number out the truth of the situation and also inform the detective. Be careful!

Wbelow to find Side Mission 11 / SM11 - The Last Harvest

If you completed SM10 properly, this mission will create immediately as soon as you go back to Prague for the third time. The essential is ensuring that you don"t gain the wrong male in SM10.

If you interview appropriately and review the evidence, it must end up being clear to you that this is a copycat killing and also the male the police are focused on is not responsible. You existing this to the detective, and also that"s one possible finishing of SM10.

This side mission will certainly trigger instantly after a phone speak to. When you acquire the speak to, follow it up immediately - it can disshow up.

Wbelow to discover Side Mission 12 / SM12 - K is for Kazdy

I"m not certain if this is 100% exact, but this side pursuit may be tied to the completion of Samizdat, as it sees the return of characters from that quest. On your 3rd visit to Prague you must acquire a point of interest dvery own in the sewers. Follow it up and stop via the character bit K.

She"ll ask for your aid. If you accept, you"ll have a tiny little of stealth to carry out and also then an escort mission.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Wright here to uncover all Points of Interemainder (POI) missions

In enhancement to the story searches and also the major side searches,

Point of Interemainder - Shots Fired

Throughout your initially visit to Prague after the opening, straight oppowebsite among the exits from Adam"s apartment you"ll uncover some shady-looking males standing in a walled-off park area. They"ll ask you to provide them Neuropozyne in exchange for indevelopment.

Do as they ask and among the pieces of indevelopment will certainly permit you to mark this POI on your map, either by means of a pocket secretary or simply immediately.

Point of Interest - Eexceptionally Little Helps

Throughout your first visit to Prague after the opening, directly oppowebsite among the exits from Adam"s apartment you"ll uncover some shady-looking men standing in a walled-off park location. They"ll ask you to offer them Neuropozyne in exchange for indevelopment.

Do as they ask and also one of the pieces of information will enable you to note this POI on your map, either using a pocket secretary or just instantly.

Point of Interest - Rich Man Poor Aug

On your second visit to Prague after visiting Golem city, you"ll find more Neuropozyne-desperate guys hanging out outside the club close to Prague"s industry square. If you did it throughout your first Prague visit, this is outside the very same club from SM00 Neon Lights.

If you chat to them and also offer them the Neuropozyne they ask for you"ll be provided the Rich Man Poor Aug point of interemainder to investigate.

Point of Interest - Good Cop Bad Cop

On your second visit to Prague after visiting Golem city, you"ll uncover more Neuropozyne-desperate guys hanging out external the club near Prague"s market square. If you did it throughout your initially Prague visit, this is external the exact same club from SM00 Neon Lights.

If you chat to them and also offer them the Neuropozyne they ask for you"ll be given the Good Cop Bad Cop suggest of interest to investigate.

Point of Interest - Give Me a Thug

On your 3rd and also last visit to Prague you"ll find the city locked down by the police and also hence quite difficult to travel. However before, that"s not the end of the world desperate for Neuropozyne. Oh, no! This time you"ll discover a guy hanging out exterior the Libusage Apartments - that"s ideal by Pilgrim Station.

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In rerotate for handing over the drugs you"ll get the Give Me a Thug suggest of interemainder. Be careful sneaking about here - the police shoot on sight!

Point of Interest - Sugar Free Picus

On your 3rd and also final visit to Prague you"ll discover the city locked dvery own by the police and also therefore quite difficult to travel. However, that"s not the finish of the people desperate for Neuropozyne. Oh, no! This time you"ll find a man hanging out external the Libusage Apartments - that"s appropriate by Pilgrim Station.

In rerevolve for handing over the drugs you"ll get the Sugar Free Picus suggest of interest. Be cautious sneaking around below - the police shoot on sight!