Similar to virtually all video games, last boss fights are constantly a treat to look forward to. The last boss of "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" is no push-over, however he is not overly difficult to defeat either.

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We won"t spoil the name of the final boss for those that have actually not obtained to this point yet, however we could definitely say that tright here is more than one way to defeat the final boss in the game. Here are 2 means to ideal the final boss in "Deus Ex: Mansort Divided."

Method One: The Lethal Method

Everyone gets the satisfying feeling of finishing a boss using pure firepower, and also our last baddie is no exception.

The last room in the game is pretty spacious, yet tright here are loads of spaces for you to duck and also hide from the annoying turrets and also drones in the location. All these barricades would definitely work-related versus you, however there is one valuable location in the location you deserve to use.

Tbelow are vents located all roughly the room, and what you would like to do is dive right into the nearest one and switch back and also forth in between the vent openings to unload your bullets at him.

There is no specific weapon you need to be utilizing, although we recommfinish using your finest weapon against the final boss for maximum firepower. For our run, we provided a shotgun, our individual weapon of choice.

Should you run out of ammo, tright here are loads scattered all approximately the location, specifically roughly the best side and also the middle of the room. Get out of the vent for a while for a quick loot, avoid getting swarm by the drones and also turrets, gain back in, rinse and also repeat.

Method Two: The Non-Lethal Method

For those who are aiming for that Platinum trophy, resorting to non-lethal indicates is ideal for the last boss, and it is not difficult either, if you"ve played the previous "Deus Ex" titles

We have covered a bit of this tactic on our Pacifist Trophy Guide, but basically, what you would certainly must carry out is take note of the boss" course around the room. He always walks in the very same pattern, and also tbelow is a certain location that he often walks by.

For this technique, you would need EMP Grenades or EMP Mines to stun the poor boy. We recommfinish making use of EMP Mines on the very same path he is walking by, and once he is down, run towards him with your Glass-Shield Cloak augmentation active.

One melee strike will certainly knock him out and put a quick finish his fight. Simple and painless, at leastern for you.

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The EMP mine have the right to be crafted utilizing the materials accessible on the top floors, along the left side.

That is just how to beat the last boss 2 various ways in "Deus Ex: Mansort Divided." We recommend doing the second method on the highest possible obstacle establishing to obtain the "Pacifist" and also the "I Never before Asked For This" trophies. Good luck!