Destiny 2 will get one more, minor reoccupational to its armor mod device through Beyond Light on Nov. 10, Bungie announced Thursday in its weekly blog post.

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Four transforms to Armor 2.0 armor mods are coming this year: energy kind needs, amplified mod alters, raid mod deprecation, and also a brand-new mod slot.

The power adjust is probably the most boring, so we’ll begin with that initially. An array of mods concentrated on tools (favor repack mods and dexterity mods) will certainly no much longer require your piece of armor to be of a particular elemental kind. This suggests you’ll be able to put any kind of refill mod for any type of gun kind on any kind of item of armor. This must aid players make their very own builds without arbitrary limitations.

But as Bungie provided, increasing the amount of mods per armor piece simply indicates players will have actually a sea of mods to choose from — also many. So Bungie is removing the enhanced version of mods. Many type of mods presently have conventional and also amplified versions, such as Hand Cannon Loader and Enhanced Hand Cannon Loader. Bungie will remove the amplified versions, but will boost the impact of the traditional versions to be equal to that of the enhanced versions. This does mean that many type of weapon mods will certainly be slightly even more expensive to usage.

As Bungie stated, the standard mods weren’t especially noticeable, so players felt that they either necessary to use two of the exact same mod or usage the amplified version to really be able to tell a difference. With this adjust, mods need to be less complicated, have actually an immediately noticeable impact, and take just a single socket to use.

“In essence, we are making amplified mods cheaper and also even more easily accessible, and deprecating the lesser mods,” said Bungie.

Goodnight, sweet prince Image: Bungie via The most controversial decision Bungie announced is that it is rerelocating and also limiting some rassist mods. These mods — which come from the Last Wish, Crown of Sorrow, and Scourge of the Past raids — offer bonus impacts when fighting specific enemy forms. For example, Taken Barrier gives players a huge damages reduction versus Taken enemies, while Fallen Armaments gives players guaranteed hefty ammo once acquiring a grenade kill on Fallen opponents.

These mods are extremely rare and hard to farm. But they’re additionally incredibly valuable, as they occupational almost everywhere in Destiny 2’s people. With Beyond Light, Bungie will remove the Fallen and Hive mods from Scourge of the Past and also Crvery own of Sorrow, respectively (as both raids will certainly leave the game upon the expansion’s launch); the Taken mods will just work-related in the Last Wish rhelp.

While it’s inevitably good for the game, this announcement comes about a month ameans from Beyond Light. Many type of players — including myself — have actually invested hrs over the previous few weeks farming for these mods in an effort to prepare for the Fallen-centric rhelp this autumn. With this announcement, Bungie revealed that we’ve been wasting our time.

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In much better news, all Legendary and Exotic armor pieces are getting a brand-new slot in Beyond Light. Starting through this expansion, any newly dropped armor pieces and also all existing Exotics will have a special Combat slot. This brand-new mod slot will certainly take combat-based mods like Charged through Light and Warmind Cell mods. Existing armor pieces will acquire a Legacy mod slot, permitting players to equip raid mods and combat mods into Year 3 armor pieces.

All of these transforms are positive additions to last year’s Armor 2.0 system. But via only a month to go, many kind of players would certainly have actually benefited from finding out this information previously in the seakid, before wasting hrs grinding for mods that won’t exist and armor pieces that won’t have actually the new Combat mod slot on them. Still, this is Bungie’s first time vaulting content, and there were bound to be some interaction problems alengthy the means.