Dell touch screen laptop windows 8

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The Latitude 10 tablet gives you the flexibility to work-related the way that finest suits you ­– wherever before job-related takes you. Latitude 10 accessories have the right to assist you work-related even more successfully on-the-go and also rise your performance.Watch a quick video on Latitude 10 Accessories.

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When you really must get dvery own to company, the Latitude 10 expands to a conventional desktop setup through the optional performance dock. Power customers can easily affix to a monitor, printer, MP3 player or various other devices with 4 USB ports, Gigalittle Ethernet, HDMI and audio output.

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Griffin"s Survivor™ Protective Case is tested and certified to meet or exceed US MIL-STD 810F. It’s designed from the inside out to protect your Latitude 10 from extreme conditions, such as dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration, temperature and also humidity.

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