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Discover exactly how to boot right into Safe Setting in Windows 8/8.1, without loading all vehicle drivers and also applications. Summary:Learn how to boot right into Safe Setting in Windows 8/8.1, without loading all motorists and applications.See less Discover how to boot into Safe Setting in Windows 8/8.1, without loading all vehicle drivers and also applications.

The complying with article mirrors you the various ways to run Safe Mode in Windows 8 and also 8.1.For various other Operating units please select right here - Windows 10, Windows 7, VistaandXP

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How to boot right into Safe Mode on Windows 8 and 8.1 on your PC

Safe Setting is a means for Windows to load, without loading all drivers and also applications, as soon as there is a system-critical difficulty that interferes with the normal procedure of Windows.

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The purpose of Safe Setting is to allow you to troubleshoot Windows and attempt to recognize what is resulting in it to fail and to assist identify if the issue is hardware related or caused by a driver or piece of software application.

Once you have actually established and also corrected the difficulty you deserve to then reboot and Windows will certainly fill normally.

Tbelow are 5 various methods to enter Safe Setting in Windows 8 and 8.1, presented below :

Note: Please be aware that if your system will certainly NOT boot to safe mode on any of the choices below, you will be unable to percreate any kind of repairs brief of a full Operating System Reinstall - unmuch less you are able to enter the Operating device usually. A Reinstevery one of this type will wipe all indevelopment and also settings on your hard disk drive and also you will lose anything you haven"t previously backed up.
Note: If you have actually set up your Windows installation on the latest UEFI BIOS or are using a SSD (Solid State Drive) as your boot device, then please go right to method II.

Power on your computer system.

Whilst holding dvery own the SHIFT vital, continuously and quickly tap the F8 crucial throughout the entirety booting process. This will take you into the Recoincredibly Mode menu prior to the operating system begins to pack.

Note: This might take several attempts on older devices prior to it works as quick booting systems have the right to go previous the detection point much faster than you deserve to tap the tricks.

In the Recoincredibly Setting menu, selectSee advanced repair options.


(Fig.1 Recoextremely Mode Menu)

Choose theTroubleshootchoice.


(Fig.2 Choose an alternative screen)

Select theAdvancedoptions switch.


(Fig.3 Choose the advanced option)

Select theWindows Start-up Settingsswitch.


(Fig.4 Advanced Option Menu)

Click theRestartbutton.


(Fig.5 Windows Startup Settings)

After the the computer restarts, you must be greeted by the Modern Boot Options food selection that permits you to boot your Windows 8 and 8.1 in Safe Setting, Safe Mode via Netfunctioning and Safe Mode with Command Prompt.


(Fig.6 Modern Boot Options)

Method II

This technique assumes that you can enter and also boot up Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1 generally as it will usage the new Cdamage Bar in Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1.

Bring up the Cinjury Bar by either pushing the Win+I tricks or swiping your mouse across the right side of the display screen.


(Fig.7 Charm Bar)

When the Charm Bar pops up, click theChange PC Settingsbutton at the bottom right.


(Fig.8 Change COMPUTER Settings)

SelectGeneraland click theRestart nowswitch under theAdvancedstart-up title.


(Fig.9 COMPUTER Settings)

When the computer restarts currently you should enter the Safe Setting of Microsoft Windows 8 and also 8.1.

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Method III

Bring up the Cdamage Bar by either pushing the Victory + I tricks or swiping your computer mouse throughout the ideal side of the display screen.


(Fig.7 Cdamage Bar)

Click thePower buttonwhen.


(Fig.10 Power on Cinjury Bar)

Hold down your Shift essential and also click theRebegin icon.


(Fig.11 Shut Down)

When the computer system restarts you need to be greeted by the Cutting edge Boot Options food selection that will enable you to accessibility the Safe Mode of Microsoft Windows 8 and also 8.1.


(Fig.5 Windows Starup Settings)

Method IV

In this technique, we will certainly use the command also line to tell Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1 to reboot into Safe Mode. This method additionally needs the user to be able to enter Windows 8 and 8.1 via a normal boot.

Press the Win+R essential to enter the Run dialogue.


(Fig.12 Run Dialog Box)

Type in the command :

shutdvery own /o /r


After pressingEnterthe computer should begin the reboot procedure. Once it boots up aobtain, the user will certainly be able to accessibility the Microsoft Windows 8 and also 8.1 Safe Setting setting with the Modern Boot Options menu


(Fig.5 Windows Startup Settings)

Method V

Press the Win+R key combicountry and typemsconfigin the run box and hitEnter.


(Fig.12 Run Dialog Box)

Click on theBoot Taband also click theSafe BootCheck box.


(Fig.13 Boot Tab)

You deserve to pick the type of Safe Mode you want to boot right into :


Common Safe Setting.

Alternating Shell:

Safe Mode through Command also Prompt.


Safe Setting via Networking.

Active Directory:

This is to recoup servers over a Domajor Controller for you netjob-related.

Once you have actually liked your Option click theOKbutton and rebegin your machine.


(Fig.14 System Configuration)

Your COMPUTER will be rebooted into Safe Setting immediately.

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(Fig.15 Safe mode Desktop)

If you hit Rebegin it will certainly just store booting to Safe Mode until you openmsconfigaobtain and uninspect the Safe Boot alternative. Hit theOKbutton and also Rebegin your mechanism to boot back right into Normal Mode.


(Fig.16 Boot.ini screen)


(Fig.14 System Configuration)

Note: Win = the windows logo/start switch on your key-board.
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