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This web page contains a Guide to Quickcollection provided on Laptops and Notepublications Summary:This web page consists of a Guide to Quickset used on Laptops and also NotebooksSee much less This page has a Guide to Quickcollection provided on Laptops and also Notebooks

The QuickSet utility offers simple accessibility to configure settings for power monitoring, symbol and also font dimension, display brightness, and also volume regulate and also other functions on a lot of devices. Please refer to your user manual for instructions if QuickSet is not current (located on your product support homepage)

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Note: On heritage devices the Quickcollection energy can be downloaded from the Applications area of the Drivers and also Download area on the support webwebsite.

Quickset was reinserted by ControlPointand then by Feature Enhancement Pack software on even more current units (Latitude, OptiPlex, Precision, Venue) look for these software listings in the download section if you are having actually difficulties finding the Quickcollection software.

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Note: Certain keystroke combicountries, such as FN + F10 (Eject CD) will not feature in Windows till the Quickcollection utility is set up.

The QuickSet Utilities are a suite of software applications that provide magnified functionality to a portable computer system. The software program offers straightforward accessibility to a variety of features that would certainly commonly require numerous measures. A few of the functions include:

Brightness and Audio Controls via Keyboard Keystrokes Power Management Controls Battery Information Icon Resizing Wiremuch less Enable/Disable

These can all be accessed with a single symbol down on the Windows Systray - on the majority of systems situated at the bottom appropriate of your screen beside the date and time.


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2. Hot Keys and also Functions

Here is a list of all the warm secrets and also function keystrokes available through the QuickSet Utilities:

Hot Keys
Fn+F8 Switches the video photo to the following display screen alternative. The choices encompass the integrated display, an external monitor, and both screens simultaneously.
Fn+ up-arrow key Increases brightness on the included display screen only (not on an external monitor).
Fn+ down-arrowhead key Decreases brightness on the included screen only (not on an outside monitor).
Fn+ Page Up Increases the volume of the integrated speakers and also exterior speakers, if attached
Fn+ Page Dn Decreases the volume of the included speakers and also external speakers, if attached
Fn+ End Enables and disables the incorporated speakers and also exterior speakers, if attached
Fn+F3 Displays the Battery Health Meter
Fn+F1 Activates Hibernation mode.
Fn+F10 Ejects the tray out of the drive.
Fn+F2 Enables or Disables the Wiremuch less and Bluetooth cards (if installed).

Many of these functions are easily accessible without installing the QuickSet utility, such as the Brightness and also Volume controls. Some, favor the CD/DVD tray eject and also the Battery Health Meter are not. However before, all these keystrokes will carry up a graphical indicator as soon as the QuickSet utilities are mounted.

Display Selection (FN+F8)

If you have actually an external display attached, this keystroke will certainly allow you to cycle via the different display screen options. Depfinishing upon what kind of screen is attached, you might view any kind of among these icons:


Brightness Controls (FN+Up-Arrow/Down-Arrow)

If the user adjusts the LCD Brightness, the QuickSet Utility will certainly administer a graphic popup of the adjustment:


Volume Controls (FN+PgUp/PgDn,End)

If the user adjusts the Volume Control, the QuickSet Utility will carry out a graphic popup of the adjustment:


Battery Health Meter (FN+F3)

More information on this have the right to be found in the Battery Health Meter FAQ section.

Hibercountry Setting (FN+F1)

PressFN+F1to put your computer into the hibernation state. If hibernation is not allowed in your computer"s power settings, QuickSet educates you, and also you should allow hibercountry for the warm vital to attribute.

CD/DVD Tray Eject (FN+F10)

This function will certainly only work-related if the QuickSet Utilities are mounted. This keystroke allows the user to eject the optical drive on their mechanism.

Wireless Enable/Disable (FN+F2)

If the user adjusts the wireless radio, the QuickSet Utility will certainly carry out a graphic popup of the adjustment:


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3. Battery Health Meter FAQ

Q.When will the BIOS Setup - QuickSet area display screen Battery Health information (i.e Regular State, Caution State I, Caution State II, Replacement Necessary and Permanent Faiattract state)?
A.Only when the battery is a Battery and the BIOS is able to connect through the battery.
Q.What happens as soon as the battery is not identifiable (any kind of battery)? Note: QuickSet is unable to identify the health and wellness of the battery.
A. The BIOS would certainly display the adhering to message in the time of POST: The *batteries* (major, additional, both) cannot be established. The mechanism will certainly be unable to charge batteries until this battery is removed. The QuickSet BHM will certainly display screen the following message: Unable to recognize the battery. The batteries in your mechanism cannot be charged. Please insert a battery for ideal system operation. The BIOS Setup display screen will certainly additionally display screen the same message as above.
Q.What happens once the mechanism is unable to interact via the battery? Note: QuickSet is unable to identify the health of the battery.

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A.The BIOS Setup and QuickSet BHM will display message: The mechanism cannot connect through the battery.
Q.What happens once the battery is in Temporary Faientice mode (maybe resulted in by overheating)?
A.The BIOS Setup and BHM would not carry out anything various. They will display the battery"s present health and wellness.
Q.What happens when you insert a battery while viewing the battery health and wellness field in BIOS setup?
A.BIOS setup will refresh (update) the battery health indevelopment.
Q.What happens when a battery in negative wellness or Permanent Failure mode is put once the mechanism is in standby or hibernate state?
A.The BHM would query for the battery wellness on resume from S3/S4 and also display screen the popup as proper. For a battery in Permanent Faitempt state, the BIOS would display the complying with message throughout POST: Your battery has skilled permanent faitempt and also requirements to be reinserted. This is applicable as soon as resuming from Hibernate state (S4) or powering up from Off state (S5).
Q.Which battery wellness claims will reason the BHM to present a popup?
A.The following battery health says will certainly reason a popup: Caution State II, Replacement Necessary I & II (permanent failure).
Q.If multiple batteries fail all at once, what is the order of priority for the BHM popup?
A.The BHM will popup the message for the more instrumental battery. If both batteries are in the same failure state, the BHM will display screen the warning for main battery.
Q.What happens as soon as I have disabled the popup yet later I insert a new battery?
A.The popup messeras will certainly be reset whenever before a battery in normal health is placed.
Q.What happens when a battery in bad health and wellness or Permanent Faiattract mode is put when the system is running in Windows?
A.The BIOS would certainly educate the QuickSet Utilities and the BHM will query the health and wellness for primary and also additional batteries. The BHM will display a popup for the battery in even more crucial wellness.
Q.What happens as soon as you press Fn+F3 while in Windows?

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The QuickSet Utilities will certainly display screen the Battery Health Meter defaulted to the first web page (Battery Status). On picking theBattery Healthtab, the health and wellness information for the battery in more critical health and wellness will be presented. If the primary and additional batteries are in very same health and wellness status, the main battery health will be presented.

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