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I"m making use of VLC media player 2.2.1 with the Qt interface (i.e. the default one) in Linux (Xubuntu 15.10).

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In the preferences, I have actually disabled history. However before, in the "Open Documents..." dialogue, in the "Look in:" menu, under the "Recent Places" heading, there"s still a list of all of the directories that were last opened in VLC.

Entries remajor in this list also after the corresponding directories have actually been deleted.

Obviously this list is stored somewhere in my house brochure, so I searched within eincredibly file in my home brochure for among the magazine names, by using grep -ri, yet tbelow were no matches. I additionally looked in ~/.local/share/recently-supplied.xbel.

So where is this list stored, and just how have the right to I either disable the production of it, or delete it?


Click on Tools > Preferrals in the optimal menu or use the shortreduced Ctrl-P to open the choices.While in the Interconfront area here, find the Save newly played items option on the page.Unexamine package to disable the logging of played videos.Click on the save button.

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Note that you do must restart VLC before the readjust takes effect. You will certainly notice that the food selection is no longer shown under Media. You deserve to re-permit it by adhering to the very same procedures outlined above.

Disabling the attribute does not clear the list. If you re-permit the list, you watch the videos that have been accessed prior to it was disabled. So, usage the clear choice initially before you disable it


I came across the very same worry that you faced and I managed to overcome it by adhering to steps

If you right-click the VLC icon on your Taskbar, you will certainly still check out a couple of watched videos listed tbelow, as well. Here’s how to eliminate those:

Right-click an empty area on your desktop computer and also choose “Personalize.”Select “Start” and uncover “Show freshly opened items in Jump Lists on Start or thetaskbar.”Toggle it to “Off” and close the home window.


Be conscious that if you usage the jump list in other apps, they will no much longer work as this is a universal establishing.


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