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So I developed a veracrypt file organized volume/container and had actually a concealed volume inside to try it out(totalling 1GB). After a day or 2, I permanently deleted the container file (after dismounting it) however i shed the tantamount amount of room from C drive. Is tbelow way to recuperate this and how to prevent this in a future use of veracrypt volumes?

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You have to 1)open up the folder in VC2)move or delete the contents3 Then, and also only then, delete the dismountedFolder or Documents.I did this just yesterday. It operated fine. No loss of drive space.Hint: never before reconfigure VC as soon as you are in a hurry. Plan it all out and also troubleshoot before you readjust anything in VC. Try it out by creating a little dummy crypt, then populate it with generic records. Cshed and also re-mount the crypt. Now, delete the contents (remember generic records only). Now delete the folder from your menu panel. Finally, examine your drive capacity. It must show the "plus-up" in dimension. Almethods test little, so you fail little and also recoverable. Do your last action in any kind of task or project initially and also you will certainly be rewarded. Good luck.MarkTruecrypt user x ~5 yrs. Veracrypt user x~4-5 yrs).


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