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I have actually added a brand-new ringtone to the ringtones list in Settings->Sounds->Phone ringtone>Add ringtone. After that I deserve to watch the same ringtone file in Ringtones folder of Internal storage. I should remove this ringtone? For that I have actually deleted that file from folder. But, the ringtone is still running tbelow. How to remove it.

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Device: Moto X4 Oreo 8.0 (non rooted)


Don"t clear data of Media Storage (System App) as mattm argued, you"ll lose all ringtones and also sound results.

Instead, do a search for the ringtone or sound impact you included utilizing the Files app (comes via, then erase it. It"ll be removed from the ringtone selection food selection without erasing all the various other sound files.


I deserve to assist you bereason I additionally hate the this trouble.You require clear data of Media Storage(System App)

1 - Go to "Setups > Apps"

2 - You need allow "Sjust how mechanism apps"

3 - Search and open "Media Storage"

4 - Click in "Storage > Clear data"

5 - Reboot your phone for permit default config.



This is tried on an Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 running 9. Motivated by Joao"s answer I didn"t use the Files app, however connected the phone to a PC making use of USB cable in file transport mode, and also then offered Windows Explorer search to discover the file.

Found the folder containing the file: Notifications. If you delete from this folder, your file will certainly be gone from the list of ringtones.


Open your file web browser, uncover music (and also its file path) which you choose to remove from ringtone selection display screen. Beware of duplicate file.

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After you uncover it, please rename the song; include a symbol or character at the beginning or the end of the file name(s).

Now, open up ringtone selection screen. The device will certainly not uncovered file(s) and rerelocate them from selection list.

After those records are removed from the selection list; reopen the file web browser, rename ago to the original name.

You might want to examine a course in Key Storage referred to as Ringtones. It might include added ringtones, so rerelocating them from this route can remove them from options.

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