When notebook is idle, defragsvc service starts doing some weird points and causes high CPU load. This is not a consistent defragmentation job, since all disks (both SSD and HDD) are not fragmentised.

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I suspect this is background boot optimization. How have the right to I deal with or disable this functionality?

I additionally would certainly prefer to store this service turned on for its consistent project - perdeveloping booked defragmentation.



Open Automatic Maintenance from Action Center, on Maintenance section you can change the schedule or disable it. That shelp, I think it"s much better to permit the job to wake your lapheight and then keep it stand by/sleep at night instead of hibernating or shutting it down. The reason it tried to maintain your computer on idle is bereason it never before obtained the opportunity to finish the maintenance as reserved.


I uncovered this was happening through my Windows 7 COMPUTER. After leaving it idle for a while, the defragsvc would begin up and one core would be stuck at 100%.

Running the Disk Defragmenter app, and looking at the schedule, supposedly the defrag is set to only run at 1am on Wednesday.

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In solutions, I observed that Disk Defragmenter was set to Manual. Setting this to Disabled appears to have resolved the difficulty.


this is dubbed Schedule Defragmentation its On by Default once you install a Fresh copy of windows , and yes it reasons High Cpu consumption many the moment :


to Disable it open :

Computer -> then Right click on "C:" drive then -> Properties -> Tools -> then click :



It is the Defragmentation task that runs on Windows after some time to optimize the hard drive. It should not be an extremely CPU intensive task fairly I/O extensive. If it is bothering you, you can unschedule it. You deserve to disable it from MS Configurations or just from Run, form msconfig to search for this company.


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