Decrypt gallery vault files

I have actually recollection my tool and forobtained to open up the Gallery Vault app, yet I still have my encrypted papers while unable to open up them.

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How have the right to I regain the encrypted records contents?



Care to define "reset", "gallery vault" and also "think yeah folder"? –user5506 Aug 27 "13 at 18:56
Gallery Vault offers encryption to hide media. If you have actually done a Factory Reset, then tbelow is no way to recover your previous data, also if the file still "exists". To decrypt, you would certainly need some sort of decryption vital or file, and possibilities are you shed it once you did a Factory Reset.


Reading the FAQ available at ThinkYeah webwebsite, they state that the encrypted papers are stored in the folder .thinkyeah/galleryvault situated on the SD card.

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Additional even more, they state that if you install the application again and use your previous password you are able to retrieve every one of your secured files.

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Relevant FAQ Entries:

Since the encrypted papers are located on the SDCard, and assuming that the encryption key/file is located on that location or within the vault file itself, you are able to recuperate your documents installing the application and utilizing your old password. Since you currently pointed out that you still have the "vault" file, all shows up to be in order, go ahead and also attempt.



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