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ArtistVarious Artists Death ... Is Just the Beginning; Nuclear Blast
3.81 / 5.00.5 from 67 ratings
#176 for 1992

MetalBuddhist Jun 03 2011 5.00 stars
LeonardZ666 Dec 28 2010 5.00 stars
bnoring Jul 19 2010 3.00 stars
Pretty great Death Metal compilation from the Nuclear Blast label. Good stuff from Benediction, Brutality, Incantation and so on Don't forobtain to lug alengthy a microscopic lense if you setup on analysis the liner notes.
Jackoroth Feb 10 2008 3.50 stars
Fuck! I was looking via Macabre's discography and I see this! I remember winning this video off a radio station in 2002, my VCR sucked at the moment and after a couple of plays it chewed this up. I foracquired about it till now while looking at these bands I was simply acquiring into then, that I love now. The songs aren't the best but the bands are really worth exploring.
This is my favorite metal compilation ever. When it came out, it introduced me to many bands I ended up worshipping in time. I very recommend it. Timeless!!!
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