Shoot dvery own the Glinthawks assaulting Pitchcliffs (left) then talk to Shahavad to learn what’s luring them (right).

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Pitchcliffs Under Assault¶

While you might be done thwarting Dervahl’s system, there’s one more search that will crop up in the previously-went to tvery own of Pitchcliffs, which you might too go address currently. Quick travel to the Campfire southeastern of Pitchcliffs to find that the town is under attack by a flock of Glinthawks. Since of course it hregarding be Glinthawks…

Shoot down the Glinthawks, then head right into Pitchcliffs, make your means to the leader’s house, climb some stairs and ascend a ladder then talk to the leader - Ralert - that mainly complains about the Carja before leaving the investigation of the Glinthawk menace up to you. Climb down off Ralert’s home and also make your way north to uncover Shahavad fussing over a machine, which is supposedly luring the Glinthawks. After Aloy takes a common-feeling approach to deactivating the tool, exhaust Shahavad’s dialogue options to learn where he found the device.


To reach Shahavad’s camp, some climbing is in order (left), and also simply past his camp you’ll have to put dvery own some Longleg makers (right).

Mysterious Mountain Workshop¶

Sure enough, as Ralert suggested, a Carja was behind the troubles. Now that you have actually the area of the workshop and also are done with Shahavad’s dramatics, it’s time to head to this workshop and prevent even more trouble from coming out of it. Your goal is a methods northeastern of Pitchcliffs, to get tbelow simply head along the road near the Campfire external of Pitchcliffs, cross a river, and also at a four-method fork follow the road northeast. You’ll pass one Campfire (close to a Glinthawk Site) prior to heading up a winding mountain trail and also climbing some ledges to reach an additional Campfire at the campsite belonging to Shahavad.

Continue northeastern till the trail reportedly ends, at which suggest rotate southeast to find some hand also holds on a cliff. Jump onto the hand also holds and also climb your method east to reach a snowy ledge via some loot inspiration, then rotate southwest and jump onto more hand holds that’ll take you up and also to the west.


Pelt the Stormbird through Freeze Arrows to knock it out of the sky (left) and also leave it more fragile to influence damage (right).

When you reach solid footing over, dispatch 2 Longleg devices and continue along a trail to the southeastern, then south, crossing a bridge and getting rid of of a Freeze Bellowearlier and also its 2 attendant Redeye Watchers. Beyond this, to the south, a Stormbird roosts, reportedly lured by three devices. You can use the tall grass to be all sneaky and disable the devices… or you could just kill the Stormbird. In situation you forgot, one basic strategy to battling a Stormbird consists of utilizing Freeze Arrows to freeze it and boost your damages, after which taracquire its Lightning Gun and Engines. Tbelow are also some tunnels you have the right to hide in to shed the Stormbird, need to things go awry.

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However you select to deal with the situation, when the last device is disabled, usage your Focus to shave the right to the lab and pick up the Text Datasuggest - Quest “Tattered Letter”. Apparently your old frifinish Dervahl was behind these lures, and also antics choose this are definitely a large component of the factor why his own world desire him gone. Return to Ralert to put this issue to rest.