/this week just so happens to have actually the concern brief job-related and also another 2 papers in store for me, what around y’all are we all experiencing together? /cringing

THIS WEEK WE HAVE ANOTher song, okay cap locks speak many thanks, ok. We have actually one more song, this time it’s a Japanese song, written and also perdeveloped by Korean singers.

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OKAY, so it’s called Why did I fall in love via you?- Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?- どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?

So the team itself, DBSK, was a boy band also that was approximately in the time of the early on 2000’s, members being Shin Changmin, Kim Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu, Park Yoochun, and Jung Yunho. Unfortunately, adhering to a lawsuit consisting of the first 3, suing for underpayment, mistreatment etc. the team separation and all we have is this beautiful song left to remember.

Okay, and also prefer everything else they released yet you know, GOTTA BE MELODRAMATIC

Anywho, the song is about a man(assuming from a group of all men) had actually not taken the feelings of this chick right into consideration prior to it was too late. Much like last week’s song (honestly i couldn’t have actually done that if i tried), the feeling that you don’t recognize what you have actually until its gone and also out of reach.

One line in specific I think is the many effective, is actually the final line of the song is: I’m praying that youMay be happy for eternityNo matter how a lot that would certainly make me lonely (no issue just how lonely)

Sometimes as soon as the principle of shedding someone that implies so much to you, you(i use that in basic, not literally you) might think that you want to do absolutely everything in your power to gain them back. But unfortunately that isn’t the situation, I think sometimes as soon as you might have actually wronged someone, or lost them (friendship, partnership etc) the finest point to carry out is wish them well and move on. In this instance, the song represents that extremely well. As you deserve to check out, the womale is obtaining married and also all he have the right to perform is sit earlier and watch her move on. While it hurts and also while he doesn’t recognize how in time she has gained ameans from him, he can only sit and watch her leave his life.

I think in significance this story line can be construed in many ways. But the message is the same, and also as cheesy as it is, if you love something, let it go. If it’s intended to be, it’ll come ago.



So I provide this song a 3 out of 5. To me it’s an excellent song, however I can just listen to it when prior to I need to switch to somepoint else. 1) the beat itself is repeated, which yeah many music is, it type of has a childish ring to it that I can’t necessarily manage. 2) the Japanese. Okay /breathes/ so I had actually listened to Japanese music a few years before I got right into Kpop, so i was offered to the fluent and perfectly spoken (in the ears of a foreigner) Japanese. Listening to this sort of renders me cringe, its good and from my very bit understanding of the language, it’s correct. It just appears incredibly required to me, in regards to the pronunciation of some vowels (for instance the title, ..kimi wo…a couple of time its shelp as Kimi WOH, when the W isn’t pronounced. Wo itself is a ppost that is used regularly via a verb and a noun for example:romanized: watashi wa mainichi san jikan ongaku wo kikimasu.

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pronunciation: -watashi wa mai-nichi san ji-kan on-gaku O kikimasjapanese: 私は毎日三時間音楽を聞きます。english: Everyday, I listen to music for 3 hrs.So it sounds a little bit even more required and not so herbal, BUT ITS STILL A PRETTY SONG.

Anywho, you are open to agree, diagree or whatever. Remember folks, it’s simply a blog, it’s just my opinion, and in reality, it’s not that deep. Everyone is welcome to express themselves in the comments below and also I hope you all have an excellent week!/dabs out of here