Daossoft itunes password rescuer

Forgain the iTunes backup password and also cannot gain back iTunes backas much as your iPhone or iPad? This overview will certainly show you exactly how to usage iTunes Password Rescuer to recover a forobtained password for your iTunes backup.

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Step 1: Preparation.Download and also install iTunes Password Rescuer on your computer system and open up it.



Tip 2: Select the encrypted backup file.

Click “Open” switch, and also the iTunes backup on your computer will be noted instantly.

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Choose the iTunes backup and click OK.


Step 3: Choose the best choice for password recovery

If you remember some of the characters of the password, I strongly recommend you use the Mask recovery mode.

To permform a high speed password recoexceptionally, I indicate you read information at How to usage office password rescuer.



Step 4: Recover the password

Click "Start" and also start to recover the password. The recovery procedure might take a long time, so you deserve to perform other point while the software program is recovering the password.

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You recuperate your iTunes backup password currently.


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When I foracquire my iTunes backup password, I was exceptionally nervous bereason there are lots of crucial informetions and I can not remember the password even I try my ideal. Thank god, I recognize this wonderful software from one of my friends and also it let me obtain ago on my all backup in iTunes. -Stacey Thank you so a lot for introducing me the password rescuer! I found my lost iTunes backup password properly. - Alvin

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