It"s a three-phase dance challenge for Fortnite"s Seaboy 7, Week 9 challenges. The first phase asked us to dance on optimal of a sundial, the second phase asked us to dance on an oversized cup of coffee, and also for the final obstacle, we"re asked to discover a large metal dog head. The qualifier "giant" is a bit of a confusing point in the world ofFortnite, bereason the range deserve to be at times a bit functional. But the idea of a metal dog absolutely calls to mind a junkyard, and also wouldn"tyou know it? That"s specifically wbelow we"re going. Read on for a guide, map and also location of wright here to dance on peak of a huge metal dog head.

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For where to pop 10 gold balloons, click right here.For the remainder of the Seakid 7, Week 9 obstacles, click right here.

Here are the various other steps of this challenge:

The huge metal dog head is by Junk Junction, tucked up there in the Northwestern corner of the map. It"s not constantly the many renowned area in this game, but it"s bound to watch substantially more activity this week for a pair of factors. Here"s wbelow you"re going:

Take note! The large steel animal on the hill behind Junk Junction is not, in reality, the large steel dog head. That"s a llama, which you have the right to tell by itslong neck and also the reality that llamas are all over in this game. The dog we"re trying to find is on the sign out front, by the southerly entrance. Here"s what you"re looking for:

This one is actually a little bit tricky for such a straightforward action: tright here aren"t most excellent locations to land also on this point, and there"s just room for a couple of human being on it. I made a decision to stand also on the nose, which has actually just sufficient space for one perboy to dance. You can additionally obtain on optimal of its head, however expect to be pickaxed in a jiffy.

Junk Junction is going to be warm ideal now, bereason it"s also the location for an elimicountry difficulty. So expect to be blasted off of this dog head more or less the second you land on it, yet so long as you managed to gain a few dance moves off, it must be fine. And this concludes our three-phase dance obstacle this week, and it must acquire you one step closer to unlocking that Prisoner skin. Happy dancing.

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