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A client simply purchased a Dell XPS 15" Windows 10 laptop. I perdeveloped the initial setup, and set up all accessible Windows updates and also also all available Dell driver and also firmware updays. Tbelow was a BIOS upday and also numerous other updays from Dell that set up with no errors.

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The client complained of the cursor jumping roughly once inputting. On this lappeak the touchpad is regulated by Windows 10, tbelow is no third party driver for the touchpad. I review of a "Touchpad Delay" setting under Settings > Touchpad, via a referral to set it to Long to solve this concern. On this lappeak tbelow is no such setting all over in Touchpad or Keyboard settings. Tright here is a Touchpad Sensitivity setting, which we set to Low, yet this has actually not assisted the worry.

I am unable to find any setting that resembles the "Disable Touchpad While Typing" establishing I have actually provided in the past to solve this concern. Any suggestions on exactly how to resolve this problem?


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spicehead-vwa6z Sep 13, 2019 at 14:52 UTC

I gathered from my analysis that earlier versions of Windows 10 did market the "Turn off TouchPad While Typing" or its equivalent, as numerous write-ups I video camera across direct individuals to that setting under Mouse and Trackpad in Setups, yet that later versions have apparently removed that setting in favor of the Trackpad Sensitivity setting. Setting this to Low has not aided in this instance.

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I attempted to install a Synaptics driver from an previously design XPS which came via Windows 8.1. The driver was dated Nov 2018. It did not have an Extract Only alternative, just an install exe. It would not install, it ssuggest ran and also stated "This driver is not required". So I tried an previously Synaptics driver from 2013 which did have an Extract Only option. I had the ability to install it, but it did not install the device tray application I was searching for, nor did it produce any type of additional settings. It did not change the actions.

I then set up a 3rd party app called TouchFreeze. It shows up to do the task of the "Turn off TouchPad While Typing" setting, and just that. The just setting the app has is whether to run at Windows start or not. There is no interconfront per se, just a appropriate click food selection. It"s doing its project and has readdressed the concern, and also has actually no heralding.

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If anyone runs right into this worry while Windows 10 does not have the "Turn off TouchPad While Typing" establishing, and also establishing the Touchpad Sensitivity to Low doesn"t solve it, I recommend trying the TouchFreeze app. There are other comparable apps obtainable which I have actually not tried which might do the very same thing.