Current read-only state : yes

I can not format my USB pen Drive, it reflects the error as "The Disk is Write Protected" I tried miscellaneous approaches to resolve this however all are not working. Like regedit.msc, devicemgmt.msc, DOS prompt & safe mode command prompt.

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If you"ve simply freshly bought a USB flash drive, an external hard drive through hefty storage, or any type of other exterior storage tool, you could not suppose to encounter any type of difficulties through it. Unfortunately, most customers experience errors not allowing them to make any type of changes to their tool. In this post, we"ll administer you through 4 easy and sure means to remedy this problem.


This error usually shows up in the prompt Current read-just state yes. This might take place in USB flash drives. If you haven"t provided an outside storage tool before or aren"t acquainted, you can not have any type of principle what this error suggests. A tool in a read-just state is sindicate unmodifiable. It suggests you can"t include, delete or change any type of files (if tbelow any) in that gadget. It just allows computers to review the records on that tool. You may be able to view records and also copy them but you can"t transform anything within it.

How to Fix "Current Read-Only State Yes" Error

This difficulty may be frustrating to users bereason it provides your USB flash drives usemuch less. Here we will tell you how to Fix "Current Read-Only State Yes" Error.

Method 1. Check the physical switch

Inspect your external storage tool for any kind of physical switch. It have to be just a little toggle within the device. The physical switch protects your storage gadget from being overcomposed, accidentally getting deleted, or changed. While it"s not extremely prevalent for manufacturers to encompass a physical switch, some devices have actually this attribute so make sure to inspect initially prior to proceeding to the following options.

If you"ve made a thostormy inspection of your tool and discovered no physical switch, continue to the following approaches. 

Method 2. Open Regedit and change the regisattempt key

Windows Registry is a integrated attribute in Windows that enables customers to manipulate settings for the Windows OS and also other applications within the computer. It"s among the ideal ways to settle this concern. Here is a finish step-by-action instruction on just how to percreate this:

Plugin your USB flash drive to your Windows COMPUTER. Check if your COMPUTER detects the drive.Launch Run by pressing Windows crucial + R on the keyboard or simply looking for it on the Start food selection.Type in Regedit in the space to launch Regisattempt Editor. Then, hit Enter.Follow this path:


Click on the Write Protection icon and a DWORD (32-bit) worth home window box will certainly pop up. It will certainly ask you for value information. Enter 0. Select OK to readjust your read-only device settings.


Method 3. Clear read-only on a USB drive by means of Diskpart

DiskPart is likewise a integrated energy tool in Windows computer systems. It makes use of a command-line to enable customers to control their computer"s chauffeurs, disks, and partitions.

As with any kind of troubleshooting strategy using commands, it"s vital to make sure you"re inputting them mistakenly. To be sure, you can opt to copy-paste the regulates to prevent errors in misinputting. Faitempt to input the correct gadget will certainly not deal with the issue and may lug up some errors.

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Launch Run by pressing Windows essential + R on the keyboard or ssuggest searching for it on the Start menu.Type in diskpart in the room and also press the Enter vital. This will certainly launch DiskPart.In the command also line, form the regulates listed below, pressing Enter after each line.

list disk

select disk n

qualities disk

NOTE: n is the name of the drive


See if the worth in Read-only is Yes. If it is, form in characteristics disk clear randomly in the command also line and also press Enter. This will certainly disable the read-only establishing of your USB flash drive.

Method 4. Use third-party software application to format it

If all else fails, you deserve to always make use of third-party software to fix this error such as AOMEI Partition Assistant. It"s an effective regimen that you deserve to download for free.

If you"ve determined to use this software to resolve your problem, right here is a step-by-action guide on how to use it.

Downpack the installer for AOMEI Partition Assistant. You deserve to uncover this on their website. Follow the instructions for installation (it must be easy) and launch the regimen.Look for the drive of issue, right-click on it and choose Layout Partition on the drop-dvery own food selection.A pop-up box will appear and also will certainly ask you to collection the file mechanism. Choose in the list and select OK.This will certainly restraight you to the major interface. Select Apply. A Pfinishing Operations window will show up, click the Proceed switch listed below.

Other third-party partition software program you have the right to usage are Paragon, Macrorit, and also GParted. This software program is similar to AOMEI. Just go to their webwebsite and also follow the instructions for installation.

Final Try: Recover the entirety data on the USB drive and relocation a normal drive

As quite a few persons stated, this worry might be brought about by a fake USB flash drive, which has fake storage capacity than it has. When you store an amount of information and the drive is approaching its actual capacity, this error will certainly occur and also tright here is no method to settle it. The recommended means is to purchase a brand-new one. However, you"re still able to solve this problem without data loss.

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