QUESTION 23 Current challenges in operations Management include all of the following EXCEPT: lean operations enhanced...

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QUESTION 23 Current challenges in operations Management include all of the following EXCEPT: lean operations raised communication cost. rapid product advance. sustaincapacity mass customization how many kind of hours would certainly the plant have to work-related to create 1000 parts? QUESTION 24 A tiny metal shop opeprices 10 hrs each day, creating 100 parts/hour. If productivity were enhanced 20 between 9 and also 10 hrs between 2 and 6 hrs much less than 2 hours in between 6 and 8 hrs in between 8 and also 9 hrs QUESTION 25 Although the number of civilization employed in production in the United States has lessened given that 1950, each perboy is currently creating practically 50 times even more than in 1950 True False
QUESTION 15 A foundry produces circuartility accessibility hatches manhole covers Right now, 120 covers are produced in a 10 hour change of labor performance decreases by 20 as a result of a procedure chance, it wou then be 9.6 covers/hr. 96 cover/hr 144 covers 14.4 coverwhe 11.8 covers QUESTION 16 A foundry produces circular utility access hatches (manhole covers). If 16 covers are developed in an 8-hour change the efficiency of the line is: 128 covers 0.5 covers 20 covers/hr. 5 covers the 2 covers/hr. hour change the efficiency of the line is QUESTION 17 Gibboy Valves produces actors bronne valves on an assembly line. If 1200 valves are created in an 1200 valves/hr. 200 valveshe. 20 valves/hr. 120 valves/hr. • 150 valves/hr.
QUESTION 23 Current obstacles in operations administration incorporate every one of the complying with EXCEPT: lean operations. boosted communication expense. fast product advancement. sustainability. mass customization. QUESTION 24
QUESTION 25 Although the variety of civilization employed in manufacturing in the USA has actually diminished since 1950 each perboy is now developing practically 50 times even more than in 1950.
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Answers #1

1) Solution: enhanced communication cost

Explanation: Current obstacles in operations monitoring are the supply chain partnering, global focus, sustaincapability, mass customization, fast product breakthrough, and lean operations


2) Solution: between 8 and 9 hours

Explanation: In 10-hour transition 100 components are produced; hence in 1 hour there are 10 parts

When labor productivity boosts by 20%; the increase in hrs 1 - 20% = 0.9

10 parts/ hour * 0.9 = 9 hours

3) Solution: True

Explanation: Because 1950, in UNITED STATE in production each perkid is developing now almost 50 times more than in 1950


4) Solution: 14.4 covers/hr

Explanation: In 10-hour shift 120 covers are produced; for this reason in 1 hour there are 12 covers