Crop video lightworks

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Using UBUNTU 16 LTS and also Lightworks (mounted lwks-14.0.0-amd64.deb)... Need only to

open up a MP4 file for edition (how to?)

but no ideas at so facility and non-intuitive interconfront.


At the optimal you"ll check out 4 tabs (LOG | EDIT | VFX | AUDIO). You"ll need to pick VFX and then click the + sight (top-left) to carry up the video efects grouped by category. Double click Cine Crop 1 . Look left side (near bottom) tright here is a Crop sub-section (under DVE and under Position and also Scale sub-sections ). Click arrow to expand also, then you have the right to pull the sliders to adjust your crop or double click percent box to edit manually.

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