Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Seaboy 3 Episode 6, “Josh is Irappropriate,” is a wonderful, ground-breaking, dick-joke making episode, and the strongest of Seakid 3. Yet, it still suffers from a #BunchaConstipation.

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On “Josh is Irrelevant,” Rebecca Bunch finally meets via Dr. Akopian (my favorite dream-gorganize has reverted at long last!) and also “Dr. Dayumn” and learns that she has actually a new diagnosis.

The showtunes-style song “A Diagnosis” perfectly captures the joy and also relief of acquiring a diagnosis.

A diagnosis implies that she isn’t crazy for feeling crazy. A diagnosis means tright here is a name for what is wrong with her. A diagnosis suggests that there is somepoint she deserve to carry out to solve what is wrong.

Rebecca’s yellow dress and buoyant voice are stellar choices to artfully portray the deeply moving and also important minute of gaining a diagnosis.

Certainly, “A Diagnosis” is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend at its best: a song through an atypical topic that maneras to lug to light an suffer that is hiding and lonely in the shadows. “A Diagnosis” tells us that we are not alone: Rebecca is via us.

Rebecca frankly shares what she has actually been feeling, and it is deceptively easy. She explains things prefer just how exhausted she feels, how she doesn’t laugh at points she used to, and also her desire to have actually a diagnosis that was led to by something exterior, not a part of her personality.

The explacountries capture an excellent deal of reality about psychological condition and also the influence of its easy tellings are well-off. It feels healing to hear.

The core Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ensemble reflects the different means loved ones take care of the aftermath of a suicide attempt.


Valencia’s approach of handling Rebecca’s mental health battle is by much the most emotional and also digestible.

It is a reminder that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend should speak putting Valencia on the shelf episode after episode. The episode calls upon the talents of the womales of color on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and also is why “Josh is Irrelevant” is so strong. The present would be wise to take note and also turn ameans from prioritizing white women’s experiences.

Valencia’s way of taking care of her fear and sadness? Take it to the selfie-stick!

Valencia uses her courage to share Rebecca’s courage on a collection of Facebook Live short articles. Her movement, finish through its very own hashtag (#bunchafriends) and product sponsorship, reaches an apex with the second song of the episode, “This is My Movement.”

“This is My Movement” is so much even more than an extensive poop joke. It brings to the forefront exactly how starved for attention Valencia is.

By the moment we watch Valencia tickling the secrets in a showy ballad, we understand also that her bratty habits at the beginning of the episode was simply a rumbling symptom of an concern she’s been taking care of for at leastern a month.

Gabrielle Ruiz’s compelling portrayal of Valencia in “Josh is Irrelevant” gently urges us to notice how a perboy favor Rebecca can take up so much area that others’ requirements are pushed down inside themselves. Valencia is writhing and also bfinishing via the piano, unable to release her emotional constipation.

It is layered. We giggle at the poop joke and simultaneously laugh at exactly how civilization make “movements” out of their friends’ tragedies in some of the most uncouth means. Valencia dislacking one more woman’s reason because she doesn’t also have actually a hashtag is a quick joke that cuts deep in an era of causes gone viral.

“This is My Movement” is additionally around Valencia herself. She wants to be a part of something. She wants, for when on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, for it to be about her. Even though the episode is not ever before actually around her, it does tell Valencia’s side of the story.


Rebecca’s #squad rushes to her side in the week after her suicide attempt. In a scene that additionally brings the new intro song right into play, Rebecca is locked in the bathroom and also not responding to knocks. Paula urges everyone to stay calm and also then, in a battach, Heather arrives with an axe.

Just as Heather is taking a swing to cut down the door (a nice speak to back to when Paula was trapped in the bathroom and the #squad had to chop her out), Rebecca opens up the door. She simply had earbuds in is all.

The electronic camera pans to Heather and Paula’s startled however relieved faces, and also we realize that Valencia is not there.

Valencia is sitting in the kitchen, sobbing.

Valencia admitting that she believed Rebecca was dead and that she is afrassist, so incredibly afraid, of shedding her is heart-crushing.

This scene gained me.

The fear of what is behind the closed door of a perchild who you recognize struggles with suicidal ideation is acute and deep. Valencia, as a lot as she might attempt with her selfie-stick, can’t truly be in the room or the suffer via Rebecca. She has actually no manage.

Also, Rebecca can’t promise Valenica that she won’t at some allude open a door to find Rebecca on the floor, having actually aget tried to harm herself.

I’m crying now writing about it, bereason the undulating waves of mental condition perform leave us unsettled, scared, and hurt in their wake. But there is hope.

Rebecca renders a commitment to acquire aid. It is the honest and also courageous action that she and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend should have actually a real future. The #squad (plus Darryl) comes together and embraces Rebecca’s new journey toward a healthy life regulating her Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).


Nathaniel’s arc on “Josh is Irrelevant” is appropriate and well done. He struggles to compose a message to Rebecca in his post-suicide attempt bouquet, and also we learn that he is suffering panic assaults.

Nathaniel confronts his mother and reveals that as soon as he was young he discovered her passed out on the bathroom floor, unresponsive. The occurrence was extended up by a ludicrous lie that Mvarious other Plimpton had actually the flu so she went on a cruising trip to get much better.

Nathaniel’s partnership via his mommy does collection sail though, as she shares an edited yet hoswarm variation of what taken place and also assures her kid that she loves him. We watch the anxiety-ridden lawyer return to Rebecca’s doorstep with roses his mother gave him.

The body language and also tone of the interaction between Rebecca and also Nathaniel is transformed. Tright here is levity, ease, and a sweet banter. It is good news for the ship, but additionally great news for all who endure from mental wellness worries.

The message is that 2 people that experience from psychological wellness problems deserve to acquire much better by encountering themselves and also honestly asking for assist. Asking for and receiving help deserve to open doors to healthy and balanced romance. That is a beautiful message.

I still complete that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend suffers from a #BunchaConstipation. The factor is that, as Rebecca goes with the nine signs of BPD with Dr. Akopian, she doesn’t come close to sufficiently spanning her previous actions. The sexual violence actions are still stuck inside her.

The fact is, Rebecca Bunch stalked, cyber-harassed, sexually harassed, and attempted to attack (with poop cookies) Josh Chan.

In 2017, sex-related harassment has end up being a pivotal worry, with many kind of victims coming forward to disclose what they have actually withstood.

Rebecca Bunch is a victim of her illness, but she has actually likewise victimized.

I carry out not think that if a perboy such as Anattracted Kreisberg (that has worked on CW shows and has actually been accused of sex-related harassment) were to come forward and define that he suffers from BPD, it would excuse his behavior. It would certainly not.

If a perkid accprovided of sex-related harassment were to reveal that he suffers from BPD and refoffered counseling, even after a previous conviction for a related offense, his habits would not be excprovided.

Rebecca committed arkid and spent time in an institution to deal with her psychological wellness. She refsupplied to take Dr. Akopian’s advice in the previous and also did not continue to view her after Josh proposed.

Rebecca stalked, sexually harassed, cyber-harassed, and also attempted to assault Josh Chan.

I urge Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to look at just how offering Rebecca a diagnosis after an attempted self-destruction, without addressing her stalking and sexual harassment, is excusing her past behavior.

I am not saying the episode is not reaching world that experience from mental illnesses and giving them great hope and connection. It is.

I am saying that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend still requirements to attend to its constipation from Rebecca’s sexual violence. First step: Crazy Ex-Girlfrifinish requirements to admit that Rebecca committed sexual violence.

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I imply Crazy Ex-Girlfriend enlist Valencia to help through addressing shelp constipation. After all, we recognize she has the talent to make a motion occur.

What did you think of this episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!