You could completely totally entirely be a fashion star. In some time, you still got talent though. Modeling talent!!!! Yay so take the quiz aget if you currently have actually. Probably have actually it"s pretty impressive...... According to some world I know one took it. If they"re listening: THANK YOU FOR YOUR NICE AND HONEST OPINION!!!! You rock if your a fashionista. Like me FASHIONISTA / MODELS UNITED FOREVER AND EVER!

Are you a fashion genius? Took the quiz I assume? Hope you loved it I loved producing it. Everyone has tright here thing though... Bad results.... You"ll discover somepoint else! If not modeling and also fashion is your thing.... OBVIOUSLY!! ;)

Created by: Samantha Louise Roberts

What is your age? Under 18 Years Old 18 to 24 Years Old 25 to 30 Years Old 31 to 40 Years Old 41 to 50 Years Old 51 to 60 Years Old Over 60 Years OldWhat is your gender? Male FemaleWhat"s your hair colour!? Blonde Brunette Babsence Red Head 1 of the above w/ highlights It"s dyed my favorite colour What"s your hair colour!? Blonde Brunette Babsence Red Head 1 of the over w/ highlights It"s dyed my favorite colour What"s your eye colour!? Blueish Green Blue Green Brown They slightly adjust colours I have actually colored contacts What"s your lip colour? (Tbelow are various & organic shades...) Light Pink practically pastel Rose pink not to bbest though Reddish pink Probably the lightest shade of red Tan Chapstick. Might as well be my herbal lip colorDescribe your fashion feeling Trendy via personalized touches Girly and pastel colors Neon BRIGHT BEAUTY A bit little of everything Depfinish on my mood Gothic or just many leather dude Your spare time is dedicated to... SHOPPING BABY Friends initially fashion later on... Spfinishing time with my man Organizing your closet Family fun Fitness I"m not born so hottttDream job Model ;) Fashion stylist Own a boutique or better yet a totality mall Model or an actress Model, Actress and Photographer Working at Starbucks or a coffee shopYour room is full of...

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SHOES Clothes and photo albums Posters Magazines Makeup All of the above:)Acne...... NOOOOOOOOO!! One pimple never before hurt Um,!? Huh? Oh no Why does this stuff happen to me? Acne remover. ASAP!Nails... Almeans done. Just constantly ok;). Done at Salon! Weekly... Maybe a little less... Homemade always changing! Clear polish healthy too!! Only for a unique occasion....... Flavital... Who cares?????????????Your dream pet Kit10s. CUTEEEEE CUTE CUTE Puppy Both 1 & 2 Bunny Fishies or a snake sssssssssss A rock. A rock with a mustache glued on.Blush On the Apple of cheek... Natural or pinkish... All over my confront sparkly too! Pink sparkles... Usually on the apple of my cheek... Pinks and tans! Hot pink blush not favor a clvery own though I don"t wear any so what Ehhhh dolled up choose a doll....Dream boyfriend! (Celebrity time!) Brad Pitt Tom Cruise Pitbull Adam Lavigne One Direction... Somebody from that band! Held down to a male. As if please. Education... (For college & high college girls) (if you"re out of college pick the last one this will be a free bee for you...) IMPORTANT VERY MUCH SO. Important. I would certainly never before stand bad grades. I"m ADHD but I attempt my ideal I obtain A"s & B"s a lot. Fairly important... I guess... 2 x 64 = 75.I"m smart. Intensely smaeart. I"m not in institution anymore. Yay!... Your favorite task... Art Photography Instagramming Tennis Swimming ALL! Real fur coats... Animal abuse! No enemy hair is simply fine!!!! It"s okay... NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Gotta loves it yup yup! Woot! Not my thing... Causage I occur to love pets Kill animals... I wish pigs had actually hair... Then I"d have a bacon smelling coat. I visited school possibly.Traveling to... Paris L.A. Florida hey FLO-RIDA!!!!!!! Just obtained tht lol! NYC Hometvery own All of them, pleeeaaaaassssseeee!Did you favor my quiz!? Honestly answer it will not impact anything;) One of my favorites!!!! I loved it a lot!! BRAVO!! YEAH! It was nice... I liked it very much!!!! Okay... I guess... Ehh.. Not also a tiny good. This was damaging. *grunts madly* Thank you for taking this quiz!! XX!! Your welcome;) No prob;) No, no thank u;) Thx;) ;) ;) Yeah whatever before you suck lollipops. Baby. XX? OOO!! I won suck on tht babe!!!!!!!!!! "¢"¢"¢!COMMENT!"¢"¢"¢ What? Um, hello person;) Okkkaaay. Hi what"s up? I"m so confused lol hehe... Lol what is happening? Can this quiz b over? Blahhhhhhhhhhghgngshhwanlowwbj

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