And1 star Grayson "Professor" Boucher reveals why he never before played in the NBABoucher has actually three things to say around his failed NBA runThe 36-year-old explainswhy he would not sign an NBA contract today

Graychild Boucher, finest recognized for his streetball name “Professor” never before managed to play for the NBA yet is content via wright here he is these days.

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With his remarkable ballhandling abilities and also eye-popping moves, many have actually been wondering why And1 Mixtape Tour star Boucher isn’t playing in the NBA.

According to the guy himself, “3 things” amount up his botched NBA run–absence of college basketball suffer, politics in the league, and his passion for streetsphere.

“I’ll say three things around this. First off, I never had the resume for the NBA. In order to play in the NBA without Division One NCAA college basketsphere in your resume or without Division One overseas basketround in your resume, it’s gonna be prefer impossible,” Boucher said in a recent intersee posted on his main Facebook web page.

“I offered up my college eligibility as shortly as I signed to play formoney.”

“The second point I’ll say is, the politics of the game were never before on my side,” he included. “15, 20 years back, when I was actually initially acquiring on and trying to make the NBA, I played in some minor leagues (IBL and also CBA). No matter how well I played the politics were never before on my side. The higher-upsin the NBA looked at streetball as prefer ‘not actual basketround,’ favor a negative point.”

“The 3rd point that I would certainly say, and this could come as a surprise to many kind of, is that I wouldn’t accept an NBA contract appropriate currently,” the 36-year-old revealed.

“I favor what I carry out because this thing is isn’t even about money,” he ongoing. “It’s about inspiring and impacting the human being and really simply having a passion for what I carry out. And appropriate now my passion is choose to make dope —s videos for people.”

Boucher joined And1 as soon as he was 18 and also immediately came to be one of the a lot of recognizable stars of the streetball team.

At current, Boucher now boasts an outstanding 3.5 million followers on Facebook and is making quite a living by still doing what he does ideal.

Reflecting on the irony of exactly how positive the influence of streetround is in today’s NBA, Boucher condelivered that earlier then, he wasn’t also taken into consideration a true basketround player. But now, pro ballers and also coaches acknowledge him.

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“It was means different ago then,” the streetball legend reflected. “I got NBA players asking me to train them now, I obtained friends who are coaches.”

The NBA All-Star Game will certainly be played March 7 in Atlanta, the league announced Thursday Photo: NBAE / Getty Imperiods / Garrett Ellwood

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