Could not restore iphone because password is incorrect

Been told that the password you gone into to unlock your iPhone backup was incorrect in iTunes? This post will certainly share you some tips to resolve “iTunes can not restore iPhone bereason the password was incorrect” worry.

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Joy Taylor Last Updated: Aug. 13, 2020

In many kind of instances, you might need to restore your iPhone from an old iPhone backup. No issue what, when you try to restore iPhone from iTunes backup and if iTunes asks you to enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup, that implies you ever before encrypted your iPhone backup in iTunes. You deserve to just input your password, pick a backup and also regain. That’s it! But, recently, many iPhone customers reported that iTunes could not gain back the iPhone bereason the password was incorrect. You don’t need to think over why this happens, it sindicate tells you that the password you entered to unlock your iPhone backup was completely wrong. So, what to do?


iTunes Could Not Restore the iPhone Due to the fact that the Password was Incorrect

After seeing this message in iTunes, what to carry out relies on your certain needs. If you really want to restore from the password-defended iPhone backup, then you must fresh your mind till you remember the ideal password, or attempt some recovery methods to discover out your password. If you simply need some information from the backup, and luckily these data additionally in your iCloud backup, then you can try to restore from iCloud. Here in this short article, we sum up some tips to assist you resolve the issue.

Tip 1. Get Back iTunes Backup Passcode via iPhone Back-up UnlockerTip 2. Try All Possible Passwords to Resave Your iPhoneTip 3. Use Keychain to Find Out the Correct Backup Password (For Mac Only)Tip 4. Recover the Password via PhoneRescue for iOSTip 5. Resave from iCloudTip 6. Reset All Setups to Make a New Encrypted BackupBonus Tip. How to Fix the Most iTunes Resave Errors

Tip 1. Get Back iTunes Back-up Passcode through iPhone Backup Unlocker

How to retrieve iTunes backup passcodes if you can’t recontact them? Unfortunately, Apple does not administer an official solution. Here we very recommfinish a expert passcode recoextremely tool, AnyUnlock, which offers an effective passcode solution for iPhone customers, prefer to unlock Display passcode, to remove Display Time passcodes, to expunge Apple ID, to recover/rerelocate iTunes backup passwords, etc.

The following actions are leading a method to retrieve your iTunes backup passcode.

Step 1. Downfill AnyUnlock and run it on your computer > choose the iTunes Back-up Passcode Recoexceptionally.

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Free Download

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Free Downpack * 100% Clean & Safe


How to Recover iTunes Back-up Passcode with Ease through AnyUnlock – Tip 1

Step 2. Choose the ideal backup > click on the Continue to go on.


How to Recover iTunes Back-up Passcode via Ease by means of AnyUnlock – Step 2

Tip 3. Wait for a while and you will watch this on the screen.


How to Recover iTunes Back-up Passcode through Ease through AnyUnlock – Tip 3

Tip 4. It made it, and also you deserve to copy the passcode by tapping on the copy button.


How to Recover iTunes Back-up Passcode via Ease through AnyUnlock – Step 4

You may need to gain authorization if your computer is running on Mac10.14 or later.

Tip 2. Try All Possible Passwords to Rekeep Your iPhone

This is the most straight and simplest method to settle this problem, just fresh your mind, and sindicate keep trying all feasible passwords you can think of to regain your iPhone. You have the right to attempt the following:

Usual password, favor 12345, asdfgh, etc.Default password, 0000.Your Apple ID password.Any email password you have actually.Special days prefer birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.Administer’s password.iPhone passcode.Other passwords you prefer to use.

Tip 3. Use Keychain to Find Out the Correct Back-up Password (For Mac Only)

For Mac customers, tbelow is a straightforward and also complimentary way to uncover out the correct iPhone backup password, which is to take benefit of Keychain. Here is just how to do:

Step 1. On your Mac computer, open up Application > Utilities > Keychain Access.

Tip 2. Search “iPhone” in the upper-best search field and also look for a keychain item named iPhone Backup.

Tip 3. Double-click the iPhone Backup, and then tick the Show password checkbox. Input your keychain password.

Step 4. After that, you’ll check out your iPhone Back-up password in the pop-up window.

This just functions for individuals who have saved the iPhone backup password with Keychain. If you didn’t, it’s a pity that this method is useless for you.

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Tip 4. Recover the Password with PhoneRescue for iOS

Because Apple doesn’t carry out a means to recuperate lost iPhone backup password and also shows that there is no means to recover your information, the last solution for you is to try some skilled and reliable iTunes backup unlocker software application to aid you out. Here we will share through you an iTunes backup password recoexceptionally software application – PhoneRescue for iOS.

As among the ideal iPhone backup unlocker, PhoneRescue is specially designed for iOS users to recuperate shed information and also solve miscellaneous annoying iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, and iCloud concerns. PhoneRescue for iOS has properly helped plenty of iOS user recover iPhone backup password. Download PhoneRescue for iOS and inspect the comprehensive tutorial to unlock the locked iTunes backup now.

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Free Download

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Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe


Fix iTunes Could Not Resave the iPhone Since the Password was Incorrect

Tip 5. Rekeep from iCloud

Apart from the techniques pointed out above, you can likewise look for help from iCloud backup. If you already have actually an iCloud backup, you deserve to gain back it. If you don’t have actually one, you have the right to make an iCloud backup initially. To reclaim your iPhone from iCloud, you have to erase all content and also settings, then restore from iCloud backup on the Apps & Documents display. For the in-depth steps:

Tip 1. Go to Settings > General > Scroll down the display and tap Reset > Choose Erase All Content and Settings > Go into your passcode or Apple ID password.


How to Rekeep iPhone from iCloud Backup with Reestablishing – Tip 1

Step 2. After erasing, currently you have the right to erected from Hello screen. Tap Resave from iCloud Backup on the Apps & Documents screen > Sign in to iCloud > Proceed to Choose backup and also choose the one consists of the information you need to restore.

Tip 6. Recollection All Setups to Make a New Encrypted Backup

With iOS 11 or later, you deserve to make a new encrypted backup of your tool by reestablishing the password:

Tip 1. On your iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Recollection > Tap Recollection All Settings > Get in your device passcode.

Step 2. Then follow the procedures to reset your settings. This won’t impact your user information or passwords, but it will certainly reset settings prefer screen brightness, Home screen layout, and wallpaper. It also clears your encrypted backup password certainly.

Step 3. Connect your tool to iTunes aobtain and also produce a new iTunes backup aacquire. Then store your new password in mind or enter it to your notes.

Bonus Tip. How to Fix the Most iTunes Rekeep Errors

Normally, there are lots of errors you might accomplish once utilizing iTunes. For instance, iTunes can not gain back the iPhone bereason the password was incorrect in this post, you deserve to usage the above methods to find or reset the password. Besides, you may desire to how to deal with iTunes might not reclaim the iPhone because the backup was corrupt, iPhone not showing up in iTunes, or comparable problems choose that. Then AnyFix is born.

AnyFix is a software that is designed to fix assorted iOS/iPadOS/tvOS/iTunes concerns in minutes. It can deal with 200+ iTunes errors in a simple click, consisting of installation/download/update, connection/backup/regain, sync/CDB errors, and so on.

Now, you can obtain the latest variation of AnyFix and also follow the step below to solve iTunes errors you met.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Tip 1. Launch iTunes on your computer system and tap on iTunes Repair from the homeweb page.


Tap on iTunes Repair from Homepage

Tip 2. Choose iTunes Connection/Backup/Restore Errors and tap Scan Now. And AnyFix will certainly scan the errors you met.


Choose iTunes Connection/Backup/Rekeep Errors

Step 3. iTunes component errors will certainly be listed below. Click Fix Now switch to continue.


Start to Repair

Step 4. Then it will certainly begin to repair iTunes errors immediately. Once the repairing process completed, you will view a Repair Completed page.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all for exactly how to solve iTunes might not gain back the iPhone bereason the password was incorrect. I hope you deserve to discover out your correct iPhone backup password through ease. If you feel this article is useful, why not share to aid even more individuals that encountering the exact same predicament as you.