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Fast question.

I have actually been trying to make MySQL occupational to no luck. When I downloaded MySQL from (the latest version for Mac, 5.7.21), I adhered to all the instructions. When I go to System Preferences and also click the MySQL icon, it tells me:

Preferrals Error: Could not pack MySQL Preference Pane. Any solution to this?

Thanks in advance!



Same difficulty through MySQL Precommendation Pane after updating from 5.7.20 to 5.7.21.

The solution for me wregarding remove MySQL Preferral Pane ( and install it aobtain from the 5.7.20 DMG Archive (

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I had the very same difficulty. Uninstall MySQL completely and also install MySQL 5.6 rather operated fine for me.

Follow these instructions:


Unfortunately a well-known bug: - seems to have hit all latest mysql versions (5.6 / 5.7 / 8.0)


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