1. safeguarding the inventory from damages or theft2. reporting inventory in the financial statements
count of inventory have to be near year-finish to make certain that the quantity of inventory is reported in the financial statements is exact.

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once similar devices of merchandise are obtained at various unit costs throughout a period. in such situations, when an object is sold, it is necessary to identify its expenses using a price flow assumption and related inventory price flow approach.
the initially devices purchased are assumed to be marketed, and the finishing inventory is consisted of of the most recent purchases
the last units are assumed to be purchased and also the ending inventory is comprised of the initially purchases.

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if the expense of replacing inventory is reduced than its taped purchase price, the reduced of cost or market strategy is offered to worth the inventory.
The reason that an out of the money option has actually valued and also trades on the alternative sectors is because of its
Assume the cash-flows of an investment reprimary continuous. If interemainder rates increase, then the existing worth of the cash-flows will:
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Fundamentals of Financial Management, Concise Edition (with Thomson ONE)8th EditionEugene F. Brigham, Joel F Houston
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Fundapsychological Financial Accounting Concepts10th EditionDanita Kelley, Gaile Moe, Gordon M Wardlaw, Jacqueline Berning
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