Cost behavior describes the transforms in complete prices in front of changes due to specific events. Cost behavior is responsible for companies to classify expenses in addressed costs -full prices carry out not vary also if tbelow are changes in production, variable costs -complete costs adjust once production changes, and also blended costs which is a combination of resolved and also variables costs.

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For a agency, rent represents a addressed price while raw materials reexisting a variable cost.

The slope of the _________________ is determined by the family member price of the 2 items, which is calculated by taking the price

The correct word for the empty room is: Budget Plan Constraints.


Budget Constraints recurrent the economic situation by which individuals" demand is restricted by a details amount of money. The budacquire constrains principle is pertained to the effective demand also which is the amount of a great or company consumers have the right to research according to their income. Under this scenario, given two items the consumption of one will certainly imply giving up component of the usage of the various other.

If the buyer perceives a buyer-supplier relationship is in the preferable region on the purchaser-supplier satisfaction matrix, b

The correct is the choice D: share information to find a shared solution.


To begin through, the concept well-known as "Supplier Satisfaction" has lengthy been a dead term for many kind of carriers in all the markets, yet incredibly newly the acquisition of this strategy has been implemeted in order to increase the benefits that it brings to understand also much better the relationship through the costumer. In addition, the version itself looks for for the proper development of a high top quality relationship establiburned in communication in between the costumer and the supplier who is able to make a confortable sale and create and also setting suitable for the buyer. That is why that the correct activity will certainly be to share indevelopment in order to find a shared solution in the situation wbelow the situation is in that desirable area of the matrix.

On January 1, Year 1, Abbott Company granted 92,000 stock options to certain executives. The choices are exercisable no sooner t

The amount of Compensation price to Year 1 is $153,333.

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Stock alternatives granted 92000

X Fair worth on day of provide 5

Total compensation cost 460000

Years 3

Compensation price per year1 53333

Because of this, The amount of Compensation price to Year 1 is $153,333.

During its first year of operations, Forrest Company type of paid $28,810 for direct materials and also $49,900 in wperiods for manufacturing worke

18,900 systems were developed in the time of the period


General, marketing, and also governmental expenses does not make part of the Manufacturing Overhead Costs so the calculation of the systems is as follow:

(Direct products + Wperiods for production employees + Lease payments, energy costs, and also depreciation on factory equipment) / the average price to create one unit