The Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) is a stripped-down operating device that is offered to deploy Windows 10 or for the recoextremely atmosphere. Microsoft does not make it easily accessible as an ISO download; fairly, you have to develop the bootable media yourself.

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Windows PE has actually constantly been part of the WAIK, or Windows ADK, but has actually been a separate download because Windows 10 1809. This offers the impression that one might produce an ISO file or a USB stick with the independently downloaded WinPE files alone. But this is actually not the instance.

Installing the WinPE package ^

If you run setup for Windows PE, it installs the files by default under the adhering to path:

%ProgramFiles(x86)%Windows Kits10


The documents for Windows PE are set up using a separate setup, independent of the ADK

Alternatively, you have the right to download the package right into a different catalog and also begin the setup from tbelow. This choice is particularly advantageous if you desire to run the installation on various other computers also.

If you start the batch files that are supplied to develop a bootable WinPE at this suggest, they will certainly abort through various error messages. The major reason is the absence of required atmosphere variables.

Adding deployment tools ^

Therefore, in the following action, you begin the ADK Setup and also select Deployment Tools for installation.


Adding deployment devices through ADK setup

When this process is finish, open up a command also prompt and also run the batch file DandISetEnv.bat in the Deployment Tools directory (by default under %ProgramFiles(x86)%Windows Kits10Assessment and also Deployment Kit).

Now provision the files that are required for the ISO or the memory stick. This is done by running copype.cmd:

The initially parameter specifies the processor design, in this instance 64-little bit for Intel or AMD. You can additionally pick x86, arm, and arm64. The second parameter mentions the targain catalog. However, this must not yet exist; otherwise, the process will certainly fail.


Adding deployment devices using ADK setup

Adding packages to WIM ^

The boot.wim file can then be found in mediasources below the brochure you mentioned above. If you desire to customize Windows PE, for example by integrating language packs (WinPE is in English by default) or added features, you mount the WIM via DISM. This is done on the command also prompt from the catalog you stated as the tarobtain in copype.cmd, wright here mount already exists:

The language files deserve to be found by default under the following path: %ProgramFiles(x86)%Windows Kits10Assessment and Deployment KitWindows Preinstallation Environment\WinPE_OCs.

These are included as follows:

to set the language of the command also line, the key-board layout, and the area to Germany.

If you desire to include PowerShell, the exact same pattern should be applied. However, you have to copy a number of packperiods in a offered order. Like the language documents, they are located under the directory WinPE_OCs:

Activating a various keyboard layout online ^

If personalizing boot.wim seems to be as well much work-related bereason you just want to have a various key-board layout, you can obtain one like this after booting WinPE:

If you leave WinPE via the English language setting, you may still readjust the key-board layout digital for other languages

This instance activates the German keyboard layout. The individual nation codes are noted on this page. Finally, you have to contact a fresh copy of cmd.exe, bereason the adjust has actually no effect on the present command line.

Creating ISO ^

The last step is to develop the boot media for Windows PE. The following command also serves this purpose:

The /ISO switch is obviously used to develop a CD/DVD photo, adhered to by the magazine that you mentioned as the target in copype.cmd, and also lastly the name of the ISO file.

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A USB stick is produced in the same method, other than that rather of the DVD, the UFD switch is compelled and the location is sindicate the letter of the USB drive:

If you want to suppush the warning prior to the stick is formatted, you have the right to add the /F switch to the command also.

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I have actually noticed one more thing. When trying to execute MakeWinPEMedia.cmd, which was for me situated at

C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits10Assessment and Deployment KitWindows Preinstallation Environment

folder, I gained an error:

'oscdimg' is not well-known as an internal or exterior command, operable program or batch file.

So I did a research study and also opened the MakeWinPEMedia.cmd batch. Tbelow was family member course to oscdimg... But I uncovered the oscdimg folder/application under this folder:

C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits10Assessment and Deployment KitDeployment Toolsamd64

Which is entirely different, so relative route might not work-related. After copying MakeWinPEMedia.cmd to the Oscdimg folder, and executing it from this course, whatever worked prefer a charm.


Leos Marek (Rank: 4) 12 months ago

Hello Vandrey,

tbelow is no such script as CopyDandl.cmd discussed. You simply should install the 2 packages (WinPE and WADK), then runDandISetEnv.bat and also following step is

copype amd64 c:UsersmeWinPE
copype amd64 c:UsersmeWinPE

This action will certainly develop the folders that you are absent. Just modify the route (I just c: empwinPE). The dism commands then must be executed from that course.

Let me understand if you require better aid.


Vandrey Trindade 12 months ago


Sorry but tbelow is...

I'll article some screenshots:


Leos Marek (Rank: 4) 12 months ago

OK, the file is current tbelow, however you carry out not neet to run it (it is not pointed out in the post). Just run theDandISetEnv.bat and then go straight to

copype amd64 c:UsersmeWinPE
copype amd64 c:UsersmeWinPE

That must do it and you should have the ability to continue via the dism command also.


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