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Recently many type of Windows users got the CopyPE.cmd not functioning error message once creating an image file. This article will show you how to solve CopyPE.cmd on Windows 10.

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Recently many kind of Windows customers obtained the CopyPE.cmd not working error message when developing a picture file. This post will present you just how to solve CopyPE.cmd not functioning on Windows 10.

Instructions for addressing CopyPE.cmd not functioning on Windows 10

The cause of CopyPE.cmd not functioning errorHow to settle CopyPE.cmd not working1. Disable antivirus software program and also firewalls2. Downpack and also install Windows 10 ADK3. Download and install Windows 10 PE v1809

If you are a Windows operating mechanism user, you most likely already understand around CopyPE.cmd. According to Microsoft Docs, the Copype devices are offered to develop a working brochure containing standard Windows PE documents (Preinstallation Environment). This tool is offered to customize the boot media picture.

Instructions to produce WinPE file IOS, USB boot WinPE

This error message is shown in different ways relying on situations such as CopyPE.cmd not functioning, copype.cmd is not well-known as an external internal or command also, operable routine, or batch file, etc.

The reason of CopyPE.cmd not functioning error

Microsoft officially rerelocated the PE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) through Windows ADK 10 v1809. Because the CopyPE.cmd tool is no much longer easily accessible in Windows in a pre-mounted format, individuals receive the CopyPE.cmd not functioning error message.

How to solve CopyPE.cmd not working

Users execute not should readjust any kind of mechanism or registry records to fix CopyPE.cmd not functioning.

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1 . Disable antivirus software application and also firewalls


To fix copype.cmd error on Windows 10 computer, individuals must run ADK application. To install the ADK application, your computer system demands at leastern 15GB of complimentary room. Also, during the ADK installation, you must make sure to disable antivirus software program or firewall surfaces. If you perform not desire to disable the antivirus tool, you deserve to include the Windows 10 kit folder to the exemption list.

2. Download and install Windows 10 ADK

The Windows ADK (Assessment and Deployment Kit) is a set of tools customers must customize Windows imeras. Because of this, to solve CopyPE.cmd, you must install Windows 10 ADK.


To download Windows 10 ADK, click the link below. Then install the package to the computer system tough drive. The installation procedure of Windows 10 ADK is extremely simple, you just need to follow the instructions on the display.

3. Downfill and also install Windows 10 PE v1809

After downloading and install Windows 10 ADK, you should downpack Windows 10 PE v1809. You deserve to downfill the file according to the connect below. When the downfill is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download process.

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The software will certainly instantly install when totally loaded. Once done, run Windows 10 ADK and also see if CopyPE.cmd has actually been fixed.