Copying comments in excel

When I evaluation a client’s numbers in an Excel spreadsheet, I commonly include comments in many kind of of the cells, and many of the comments are the same—such as “Looks Good!” Is tbelow any means I have the right to copy them, in one fell swoop, so I don’t need to type the very same message over and over?

Probably the simplest means in Excel 2003 and also 2007 is to copy one cell that consists of the message (Ctrl+C) and also then, if the other cells are contiguous, highlight them; if they are not, hold dvery own the Ctrl key and highlight each one. Then right-click, bringing up the Paste Special menu. Click on Comments and also OK.

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As you can watch in the screenswarm listed below, only the comments are copied—not the information in the cells.


Caution: Any comments placed previously in the cell will certainly be overcomposed.

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