Cool boot logos

If you jailbreak, you have actually the choice to readjust your iPhone’s default boot logo design. You’ve always been able to carry out so manually through SSH, however current jailbreak tools permit you to install custom logos in a a lot less complicated method through Cydia.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the term “boot logo design,” it easy refers to the icon that screens on your iPhone’s display during a boot. Through the miracle of jailbreaking, it’s quite basic to relocation that Apple symbol with all sorts of exciting points to look at.

Here are 10 of the best practice boot logos in Cydia…

1. Android BootLogo


If you’re a fan of Google’s Android OS, then opportunities are you won’t have an iPhone. But if you love Android and want to spite Apple, you can relocation Apple’s boot logo design via a shiny bit Android bot!

Android BootLogo has a cool “shattering” result once the Android bot relocations the default Apple logo design.

2. Apple boot logo


This one is pretty basic, however the impact is visually exciting. It creates a 3D spinning result of the already-existing Apple logo design. This logo design replacement adds some nice movement to the dreary procedure of waiting for iOS to boot.

3. Apple Loading Circle


As another easy replacement, this custom logo adds a matching, circular loading bar about the default Apple logo. Not the majority of bells and also whistles, yet it’s nice to have the ability to see your boot progress as the loading bar moves.

4. Apple Rainbow Loading


For those of us that remember the old days, here’s a nice retro boot logo design to relocation the present greyscaled one. The rainbow colors of the original Apple logo design development overoptimal the existing logo design as your iPhone’s boot progresses.

5. Mario BootLogo


Who doesn’t love Mario. This boot logo design replacement packs some nice movement as Mario runs on display screen and also hits the Apple logo design out of the box. Then he runs of and the word “Booting” shows up in the retro font from the old Nintencarry out games.

6. Apple Logo Scatter


This one plays off of the default Apple logo design. The icon shatters right into a million pieces.

7. ArcReactor Boot Logo


If you’re a fan of Iron Man, you must love this one. Like the design of Iron Man’s arc reactor, the Apple logo design glows in the facility as bars indicating your boot progress show up approximately the center.

8. PwnApple BootLogo


This boot logo design sticks it to the male. (The “man” being Apple, of course.) If you’re proud of your alliance to the jailbreak mentality, you can show it by replacing the default Apple logo via the PwnageTool one.

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Just be sure to not present this one to any employees as soon as you’re in an Apple keep.

9. System Check Boot Logo


This geeky boot logo design replacement reflects you what the internal process of booting your iPhone looks like. If you’ve ever been curious regarding why it takes so lengthy to boot up the iPhone, you have the right to currently view iOS occupational as it checks and prepares different elements of the software application.

It’s pretty amazing to watch the progression of what an iOS boot looks like on the inside.

10. Explosion Boot Logo


What’s not cool around explosions?

So, you’ve watched every one of these awesome boot logo design replacements. But you may be asking yourself, “How carry out I install them?


The good news is that, if you’ve jailbroken 4.2.1 through GreenP0iboy, you can install these tradition boot logos straight in Cydia. Simply search for the desired boot logo design and also tap install (they’re all free).

Once you install, the replacement logos deserve to be discovered in Settings.


The neat point around this BootLogo home window in Setups is that it enables you to ptestimonial boot logos within the Setups app. Instead of having actually to pick one and reboot your iPhone to view it in activity, you deserve to pevaluation each replacement appropriate tright here.

Whatever you have actually schosen in the BootLogo window will be what your iPhone supplies as its boot logo design.

Check out Jeff’s video on practice boot logos at JailbreakMovies.

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(And, in situation you were wondering, these boot logos won’t make your iPhone boot any type of faster.)

There are other approaches for making use of practice boot logos, but (thanks to GreenP0ison) the method through Cydia is by much the most basic.

We’re curious to hear how you replace your iPhone’s boot logo. What approaches do you uncover to be the easiest? Better yet, what are some of your favorite boot logos? Sound off below!