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How to Use UniConverter (initially Video Converter Ultimate) to Convert WMV to WMA

Tip 1 Add the file.

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Open the application and also click the Video Converter tab at the height. You can either drag-and-drop the file or select the add file button, which is situated at the top-left corner of the interface to include new records.


Tip 2 Select the output format of the file.

In this situation, we want to extract the audio from the video, thereby properly utilizing it as WMV to WMA converter. It have the right to be done by selecting the drop-dvery own arrow alongside the Output Format. On clicking, a box will pop, which will certainly list of options. Click on the Audio tab, complied with by the WMA format shown in the left column of the box. Select the high quality as per need.


Tip 3Convert and acquire the file after the conversion is over.

Finally, click the Convert button. You can open the converted file by clicking the Finimelted tab, adhered to by clicking on the converted file. As you will certainly watch, the papers are arranged in an intuitive manner, which makes it user-friendly and basic to use.


That was it, an easy, quick, and also easy procedure to transform WMV to WMA using the UniConverter (originally Video Converter Ultimate).

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Part 3. Top 3 Online Converters to Convert WMV to WMA Free

Although the UniConverter (originally Video Converter Ultimate) is the recommfinished technique, in some scenarios, complimentary online WMV to WMA converter is feasible, such as for converting just one or two videos. If you are a casual user, then you could like virtual tools, wright here the measures affiliated are fairly much less and also best of all, they are totally free to use

1. Docspal

Our initially WMV to WMA converter on the list is Docspal. The website hosts a long-range of the file format to convert. Such an exhaustive variety of file conversion varying from video, audio, e-publications, papers, and so on are rarely easily accessible on any type of website. The interface of the site is basic. It allows uploading papers either by drag-and-drop, searching for the file in the neighborhood device, or entering the URL from wright here you want to take the input file. Similarly, you can pick the format of the output file.

Steps to be followed:

Uppack the file by drag-and-drop or URL link or searching the file.Select the format of the input file and output file.Go into your email.Click on the transform switch.

Cons of the site are:

May confusage the user through so many formats available.Does not carry out any kind of possibility to edit the audio

2. Online UniConverter (initially

The site gives a quite simplified version concerning other WMV to WMA converter. It comes through its list of output layouts, which is although restricted to 4 output styles, it additionally offers an alternative to change the quality of the audio, which makes it practical for convariation functions. The phelp or premium version of the website provides lit of functions such as the conversion of the file over a miscellaneous range of audio and also video files on both input and output format and also so on.

Steps to be followed:

Upload the file.Select the output file format.Select the top quality of the output file.Click on the convert switch.

Cons of the site are:

Not a lot alternative in the output formatSlow convariation rateDelayed initialization of the procedure of conversion

3. FileZigZag

The website uses a user-friendly interconfront that renders it basic for the user to upload and also transform the file. The method is direct, thereby reducing any confusion for self-guided new individuals.

Steps connected to convert WMV to WMA are:

Upload the file by clicking on the uppack file button.Select the file format of the output file.Get in your email id.Click on the convert button.

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Cons of the site include:

Not a lot choice in the variety of means to upfill the fileThe compulsory enattempt of email id

It counts on the number of documents you have to convert the WMV to WMA to choose any type of of the cost-free methods or go for the UniConverter (originally Video Converter Ultimate). However before, we would certainly advise you to attempt every one of them and choose the finest WMV to WMA converter among the ones listed over. Now go and brag to your friends around your technological skills and computer procedure.