Convert flv to mkv

Hi. Do you recognize a way to convert/remux .flv to .

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mkv (while maintaining video and audio track, i.e. NOT transcoding) ? I didn"t discover anypoint in the tool area. Thank you.

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Originally Posted by lovelove

Hi. Do you recognize a way to convert/remux .flv
to .

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mkv (while preserving video and also audio track, i.e. NOT transcoding) ?
an additional gui based choice would certainly be flvextract to extract the audio & video, then mkvtoolnix to put the audio & video into mkv container . If this is a variable frame price FLV, you need to mux the extracted timecodes in too through the timecode function in mkvtoolnix , or it will certainly be out of sync
Use Avidemux: load your flv file, set video=copy, audio=copy, format=mkv. click File>Save>Save Video. Give it a name via expansion <.mkv> such as myvideo.mkv.

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Super in copy mode is one more choice. You have the right to convert multiple records at one time. I prefer the ffmpeg choice yet the file name can not have actually spaces in it. For batch convariation through ffmpeg...for %%a in ("*.flv") perform ffmpeg -i %%a -vcodec copy -acodec copy %%~na.mkv(area ffmpeg.exe in the folder that you desire to convert)
there are a ton on google, but i would certainly recommend EmicSoft. It additionally acts as a skilled editor, so you have the right to readjust video impacts (brightness, contrast, saturation), trim video segments, and also chop video playing location.Also, a strong reference on an FLV player/converter is
Use FLV Extract to extract video, audio and also timecode in flv file and use MKVtoolnix for mux them to mkv (don" forobtain to browse your timecodes in general track alternatives tab).
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