Convert access to libreoffice base

yes, this question was jiyuushikan.orged many kind of times via the answer "no"but I"m hopeless optimist :-)

I want to migrate my app from ms-accessibility to LO (yes, I know it"s re-arising it)the problem is through the data

Viewing the net I saw many times the "no trivial solutions" but given that there is many data. maybe tright here is a paid means of doing it?

various other ideas?


I moved all my data and many of my apps to Base. It hasn"t been easy. Keep in mind that it"s choose trying to gain a bigger foot right into a tiny shoe. Tbelow will be many things you will have to simplify and also rethink. Tright here are still many points lacking from Base that frustrate me, e.g. basic cutting and pasting cells, rows or columns. But MS wasn"t solving the old bugs in more recent versions of Access. Rather they were making it worse. At leastern LO Base has ongoing bug fixes and is boosting.

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Another point is begin through the straightforward stuff. If you begin w/ the difficult stuff you"ll most likely just obtain frustrated and quit. Figure out exactly how to simply move one table. Issues that you will should job-related on are many: area forms, e.g. inspect boxes (I use TINYINT (1)), timestamps (I use DATETIME defauting to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP), and also Memo to TEXT. Aacquire usage HeidiSQL to assist through this. Also I think I used and then had actually to hand also solve some of the areas.



Supported Access formats: 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. Now if you are looking to carry information from the Access papers to another DB that question is not relative to

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However before, below is one means. You have the right to use SQL Workbench/J, a cross-platdevelop SQL query tool. You have the right to use the UCanAccess JDBC connector referred to in the initially link and whatever JDBC connector is required to to affix to the database you have actually preferred to usage. Once you have actually the connectors set up & working, there is a tool built in to SQL Workbenck/J called "Documents Pumper...". This will certainly permit you to move the data in between miscellaneous databases you have relationships to.

Just tested moving tables from .mdb & .accdb records to a MySQL database. Have provided this for other data transfers in past additionally and also countless various other SQL activities. SQL Workbench/J & UCanAccess connector are cross platform.

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