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DonPick, your tip around rerelocating the profile pointed me in the right direction, without needing to delete the profile!

I found the pertinent folder through the corrupt files: Users\AppDataRoamingMicrosoftMMC

I simply deleted the content of that folder. Went earlier to Server Manager and schosen WSUS, and also it started perfectly!!


Thanks for the aid,Colin




it might be a (missing) setting in your profile.

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create an additional admin-level account, and login through that.

if it"s ok, I"d say your user profile has actually something annoyingly persistently "corrupt".

if so, it"s probably somepoint in your AppDocuments stored within your user profile.

MMC snapins perform use a variety of various techniques for storing persistent preferences.

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(the cited "can"t discover wsus.msc" might well be a misdirection, as is regularly the instance via error handling, IMHO)

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Thursday, February 5, 2015 9:24 PM

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I ideal clicked and selected "New Window from Here" on the Options symbol in the MMC Console tree on the left of the WSUS window. I had actually thought this would certainly open a brand-new window so I"d have actually 2 WSUS windows open up so I can look at multiple pperiods on my display screen at the very same time.

In truth, this is specifically what it did, yet the second home window, prefer the initially, defaults to "complete window" mode. Use the min/max/close controls in the top best edge of the *window* to adjust as needed.



I additionally think it"s poor UI architecture that "New Window from Here" changes the existing home window via no evident "back" alternative, instead of opening a new home window, as the command"s name suggests will occur.

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To be genuine, this "Multiple Document Interconfront (MDI)" capcapability has existed because Office "97 I believe .. so around 18 years currently if my math is correct. It"s a basic feature of the Windows navigation interchallenge. :-)

Keep in mind that if you hadn"t started with a "complete screen" window, your added window would not have actually been "full screen" either. (Try it!)

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