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I"m on a corpoprice desktop computer, running Windows 7. We have actually a password expiration plan which mandays that passwords are readjusted every month or so (not sure of the specific period). When password expiry time approaches, I obtain an symbol in the alert location favor so:


Right-clicking this notice does nothing; left-clicking it provides it disshow up.

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How lengthy before password expiry time does this notice appear?

If the moment can differ, how have the right to I discover out what it"s set to? (bearing in mind that I am extremely a lot a non-administrator on both machine and also domain)

windows-7 passwords group-policy
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asked Mar 4 "15 at 10:49

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I understand you are on corporate Windows Doprimary. The number of days prior to password expiration is a subject of doprimary policy, by default 42 days and it let you recognize 14 days before expiration, as far as I remember appropriately.

This connect advises to usage the complying with command to obtain the number of days before expiration:

net user %USERNAME% /domajor
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answered Mar 4 "15 at 11:49


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You will obtain a message:

Consider altering your passwordYour password expired in x days.Now you have actually a "x" days to change your password.

After this time (at day x+1) you"ll get a message:

Your password has expired and also should be changedand also you can"t login without to change the old password.

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answered Mar 4 "15 at 11:29

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