Computer thinks headphones are plugged in

I have a Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 and also it thinks that headphones are plugged in as soon as they aren't. I've reset up the chauffeurs, troubleshooted sound, disabled the motorists, and so on to no avail. I've tried unplugging and also replugging headphones to attempt and also redevelop the contact suggest but that hasn't functioned either.

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I can't discover any kind of settings in the realtek hd audio manager that will certainly aid.

Does anyone recognize how to settle this? I'd really like not having actually to RMA my computer system.


It's possible to toggle in between headphones and also speakers even as soon as they are attached. Pretty simple to do:

Near the clock on your job bar appropriate click the volume icon and click Playearlier Devices.

Right click the device you wish to usage for playearlier.

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Click Set as Default Device.

You can likewise select Test from the ideal click menu to play a test chime to ensure the current gadget. Just note that volume is indipendent so if your volume was muted last time you used your speakers it will certainly be muted currently even if the volume is turned up for your headphones. So make certain to collection the volume level as necessary.

As for the automatic headphone detection... That's physical; It's commonly a little switch in the port and if it's stuck and promptly plugging and unplugging a pair of headphones a couple of times doesn't unstick it there's not a lot that deserve to be done without sfinishing the unit for organization.

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Thanks for the help! Unfortunately once I try and also select the device I desire to use for playback, it simply states "speakers." I can't figure out just how to sepaprice the speakers from headphones (That option doesn't show up to be available).

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The "Test" function still just plays audio if i have headphones plugged in.

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